Snakes - accessories for real temptresses
Snakes - accessories for real temptresses
Snakes are accessories for real temptresses

"Women-Serpents" is a photo project that re-interprets the well-known parable of original sin. In photographs with live snakes, models adopt the habits of reptiles and look like real temptresses.

Photo project Women-snakes

American photographer Alexandra Leroy created a series of unusual photographs in which she tried to interpret the story of the first woman and the tempting snake in her own way.

Photos with snakes from Alexandra Leroy

Eve succumbed to temptation and changed the fate of all mankind. So in photographs, under the influence of snakes, girls turn into temptresses.

The snake is a symbol of strength and cunning

In the photographs of Alexandra Leroy, poisonous reptiles become accessories for real temptresses. It seems that the snakes curling around the models impart their strength and cunning to them.

Tempter snakes

The photographer focuses on the weary look and sensual lips of the girls. The images turned out to be very seductive and attractive.

Seductive girls with snakes Snake women in photographs by Alexandra Leroy

The snake is one of the most ancient and controversial symbols. On the one hand, it is a sign of strength and wisdom, on the other, deception and cunning. But nevertheless, this image still remains one of the most interesting and attractive, and therefore is often used in various photo projects. For example, snakes Guido Mokafiko: beauty bordering on horror.

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