Original street sculptures by Mark Jenkins: shock is our way
Original street sculptures by Mark Jenkins: shock is our way
sculptures by Mark Jenkins

American sculptor Mark Jenkins loves to shock the public. His realistic sculptures on the streets of the city evoke a lot of emotions among passers-by: surprise, anger, fear, admiration. The secret of this reaction is simple: human figures are located in the most unexpected places and unusual positions.

the girl in the trash can, Barcelona

It's not just garbage that gets thrown away. Often human relationships, people, feelings end up in the trash heap. It is this fact that Mark Jenkins wanted to emphasize when creating a sculpture of a girl in a trash can.

man in a puddle

Someone wakes up after the holiday with a face in a salad, someone in someone else's bed, someone in a puddle. The sculptor decided not to experiment with food and placed the balloon figure in a wide puddle.

girl in bed

And here is the same bed where, according to a different scenario, the celebrating man was supposed to be. Didn't make it, apparently.

reading sculpture

This figure is in no hurry at all. He is not interested in salads or girls. Only fresh newspapers.

headless man

You can lose your head out of love, grief or joy. Or maybe through the fault of the American sculptor Mark Jenkins.

man in the arch

Holding on with the last bit of strength is not a task for every person on the shoulder. Although the sculpture will cope with this task perfectly.

love sculpture

Love is not alien even to mannequins.

headless man desperate man

Despair is different. Someone digs into problems with their heads, and someone closes in their invented little world.

painter at work

An enthusiastic painter. Sometimes an excessive love for the profession threatens to lose its own face. Although this statement does not apply to dolls of Natalia Zotova, whose faces are so realistic that they do not differ from the real ones.

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