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12 retro photographs of the most ancient sights of Pskov
12 retro photographs of the most ancient sights of Pskov
Sights of Pskov

In Pskov, a special atmosphere of the provincial city has always reigned. Back in the 19th century, a little more than a million people lived in the entire Pskov province, and almost 95% of them were peasants. The main production that existed at that time was flax processing. And only after the reforms of 1861 the city economy revived somewhat. How Pskov looked at that time can be seen in old photographs. See and immerse yourself in a patriarchal atmosphere.

1. Bell tower of the temple of Cosmas and Domian from Primostia

The name of the temple is dedicated to the brothers-doctors Kozma and Damian, who were considered the patrons of blacksmiths. 1917 year

2. Kosmodomianovsky temple and Gremyachaya tower on Gremyachaya Gorka

The most comfortable, picturesque and beautiful place in the city

3. Kislin tower

One of the most significant towers of the Roundabout city

4. St. Nicholas Church

Nikolskaya Church remained active until 1917

5. Kokhanovsky Boulevard

The boulevard has become a natural continuation of the southern part of Sergievskaya Street

6. Image Church

Monument of history and culture of federal significance of the 16th-19th centuries

7. House of Ilyashev

3-storey 7-apartment building, designed by architect E. A. Germeier in 1907

8. Pskov Kremlin

Historical and architectural center of Pskov, the core of the Pskov fortress

9. Lutheran Church of St. Jacob

Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. James

10. Mariinsky women's gymnasium

One of the oldest educational institutions for women in Tsarskoe Selo

11. Mirozhsky monastery

Monastic complex of the XII century, famous for the only pre-Mongol frescoes of the cathedral church in Russia in terms of the degree of preservation

12. German Kirche

Kirkha served several parishes at once: German, Latvian and Lutheran Estonians

Connoisseurs of Russian architecture should definitely see 30 most beautiful Orthodox bell towers, with sparkling golden domes.

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