20 Stranger Kisses from Tatia Pilieva
20 Stranger Kisses from Tatia Pilieva
20 kisses of strangers

Society diligently imposes morality on girls, who are not advised to enter into a dubious relationship, invite a man home for a cup of coffee after the first date and call first. All these dogmas were decided to be destroyed by the director Tatia Pilieva, who shot a video about 20 people kissing when they saw each other for the first time.

Video illustrating 20 kisses of strangers from Tatia Pilieva 20 Stranger Kisses from Tatia Pilieva 20 Stranger Kisses from Director Tatia Pilieva

The idea of ​​creating the film was a dispute about the embarrassment of people during the first communication. The video perfectly shows how difficult it is for people to trust each other, how awkward they take the first step towards and relax at the moment of a kiss. Tatia Pilieva is sure that people lack tactile communication. They rarely hold hands, hug, let alone anything more. This leads to the fact that sooner or later a person begins to feel lonely in a huge metropolis, in the bosom of his family, in the workplace.

20 kisses from Tatia Pilieva The awkward moment of the first kiss

The video was shot by order of the WREN trademark and showed not only awkward kisses of strangers, but also the collection of women's clothing "Autumn 2014". I must admit that this is one of the most interesting advertising campaigns in recent years. Proof of this - 6 million views in the first week. Advertising aimed at ending the violence on the roads was equally successful in its time.

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