Buy a family: a lonely pensioner offered to take him to his home in exchange for his pension
Buy a family: a lonely pensioner offered to take him to his home in exchange for his pension
A single man from China decided to find a new family

Even if there are millions of people around, even if relatives are alive, you can still feel incredible loneliness, which eats up from the inside and forces you to take risky actions. A pensioner from China published a very unusual advertisement in the newspaper: he is looking for a family that would agree to "adopt" a man, to take him as a real family member in exchange for his pension.

Newspaper ad posted by Huang Qi

75 years old Huang Ki (Huan Qi) from a millionaire city revealed that he has been alone since his wife died in 1999. Relatives visit him very rarely, and it is very difficult for him to wake up every time in an empty house, feeling how lonely he is and is not needed by anyone. Juan's only son works and lives in a hostel, so he cannot take his father with him. A brother who lived in the same city died a few years ago, and the rest of his relatives are in another part of China. His granddaughter is married with a child, because of family troubles, she simply does not have time to visit her grandfather often.

After the death of his wife in 1999, Huang Qi feels completely alone

For six years, Huang was cared for by a woman named Xiao Yong, but she also moved after she got married. "- says Juan. -"

Huang Qi thought of everything, right up to his funeral, since he has no one else to rely on but himself

After much deliberation, Huang decided to find a family to take him in in exchange for the pension that Huang receives every month (that's 6,000 yuan, or $ 970). At the same time, he understood that the offer should be beneficial to both parties, and therefore offered to retire also the opportunity to live in his house without payment. Or, if the family wants it, he agrees to move in with them himself. However, in any case, Juan stressed that after his death, the house will be transferred to his son, to no one else. Huang also asks that "his new family" bury him after his death near his wife, and the man has already agreed on all the expenses for the funeral with the funeral agency and paid from his savings.

Huang Ki spends his days in an empty house, talking to himself and looking at photo albums

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