New construction set from Lego "Simpsons"
New construction set from Lego "Simpsons"
Lego Simpsons Set

The animated series "The Simpsons" has long become a real symbol of the younger generation of Americans. Jokes from the film can be heard in public transport, seen on social media pages, read on flyers. The cartoon characters have become real idols in just a few years, and all because the author portrayed the most ordinary American family in the series, so each viewer could see a part of his life in the new series and recognize himself in one of the Simpsons. This became the key to the success of the animated series, so there is nothing strange that its characters constantly appear either on clothes or on notebooks with pens. The turn came to the Lego set. The company decided to immortalize the heroes in plastic, creating its own Simpsons house.

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It must be admitted that such an attempt has already been made. And in the advertising campaign Imagine, the company has already tried to portray cartoon characters in a minimalist form. Now the characters are more reliable, their house exactly repeats the dwelling from the series, and the accessories correspond to the interests of the heroes. According to marketers, the Lego collection with the Simpsons in the lead role is simply doomed to success. And the company itself plans to release a similar set to the markets of all countries in which the famous animated series is running.

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