Sensual underwater shots by Susanne Stemmer
Sensual underwater shots by Susanne Stemmer
Devotion by Susanne Stemmer

There are not many things that can compare to the sensations of a person under water. This feeling of absolute lightness, surrounded by the calm sounds of the water flow, caressing the body with soft touches. Austrian photographer Susanne Stemmer manages to create amazing underwater pictures, looking at which one can not only see the sensual silhouettes of the human body, but also dive into the wonderful underwater world.

Veiled Journey by Susanne Stemmer

The characters shown in the photographer's works personify freedom, the boundaries of which expand in direct proportion to the immersion of the human body in the abyss of water. Physical freedom is comparable to an imaginary loss of gravity, while psychological freedom allows you to abandon your public image, free yourself from all conventions, throwing off the mask.

Mask IV by Susanne Stemmer

Is this your main job? When did you realize that photography is your calling?

What is your typical day like?

Tell us what connects you with Russia?

Where do you get inspiration?

Underwater shots by Susanne Stemmer

How did you manage to take such breathtaking underwater photos? Diving - your hobby or a necessary working tool?

Our models are trained before starting work

Are you working with the same team?

What are the criteria for selecting models?

Have you encountered situations where things didn't go the way you planned?

Underwater shots by Susanne Stemmer

In your opinion, if we decompose a photograph into different parts (model, light, composition, technical aspects), which part is the most difficult and requires more attention?

What equipment do you use for underwater filming?

Susanne Stemmer: High quality equipment is a must if you want to be a professional photographer and sell your photographs. I shoot with Hasselblad - if you have worked with this technique once, you will no longer want to use anything else, but the light from Broncolor.

Underwater shots by Susanne Stemmer

What is your goal for the next five years?

Susanne Stemmer: Work and travel, work and travel.Name the city in which you would like to live for a long time.

Underwater shots by Susanne Stemmer

Are photographs and drawings of people underwater perceived the same way? Seeing pictures will help you compare feelings Heather Hortonwhere you can see girls swimming in the pool.

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