Pink flamingos in Martin Harvey's photographs
Pink flamingos in Martin Harvey's photographs
Millions of pink flamingos in Martin Harvey's photographs

Pink flamingo - a child of lakes Nakuru and Bogoria in Kenya. A huge population of birds (about two million individuals) lives here, they are attracted by the abundance of food - specific algae and crustaceans. Bird watchers acknowledge that the nesting site of these birds is one of the most spectacular sights in the world. Professional wildlife photographer Martin Harvey (Martin Harvey) was lucky enough to capture pink flamingos.

Pink flamingos looking for food

A massive curved beak is a distinctive feature of these graceful birds. With it, they filter food out of the water. Scientists estimate that flamingo colonies consume about 250,000 kg of algae per hectare of land per year.

Millions of pink flamingos resemble a giant cloud

Unfortunately, the flamingo population is gradually declining. The reason for this is the too large number of tourists, and the industrial pollution of lakes, a lot of industrial wastes that are dumped directly into the water. In addition, during dry seasons, the water level in the lakes drops sharply and birds do not have enough food. In contrast, during the wet season, the water level is too high. Such drastic changes may be due to the fact that in recent years the urbanization process in Kenya is gaining momentum, land is being plowed up for fields, the level of groundwater is rising, which leads to seasonal floods.

Pink flamingos fly along the shores of Lake Bogoria Millions of pink flamingos in Martin Harvey's photographs

It is worth considering that such an ecological situation may cause the gradual disappearance of the population of pink flamingos. But these birds, the "child of the sunset", are a real miracle of nature. And looking at the photographs of Martin Harvey, I just want to remember that by the lakes, where sunsets are cherry blossoms, you can “not think about parting and not flinch anxiously, and not toil with boredom, and not remember about retribution, not to play and throw off the mask and find love and affection”, as Alena Sviridova sang.

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