Girls and cats in pin-up style
Girls and cats in pin-up style
Girls and cats in pin-up style

Girls love to position themselves as fish, birds, bunnies. But more often than not, they compare themselves to cats. It seems to them that it is in this animal that there is female grace, grace and self-esteem inherent in the weaker sex. Anyway, it is very pleasant to look at both girls and cats. And if these are pictures in which both components are respected, then even better.

Adorable girls and no less adorable pin-up cats Cats and girls in pin-up style Girls and cats in pin-up style Pin-up girls and cats copying them Pin-up cats and girls

A unique selection of photos illustrates the incredible similarities between pin-up girls and cats. And very often it is cats that win in such a comparison. Perhaps because of its naturalness, or because of the innate charisma that all animals differ. One way or another, the photos are touching.

Pin-up girls and cats Girls and cats in pin-up style Similar girls and cats in pin-up style Pin-up: girls and cats

By the way, cats feel confident not only next to the fair sex, but also in the savannah while hunting. At least that's what the Whiskas ad claims, in which an ordinary tabby cat boldly flies to a ferocious lion and chases animals across the desert.

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