Small children in the image of heroes of popular books
Small children in the image of heroes of popular books
Alice in Wonderland

Probably, every photographer at least once in his life filmed a children's photo session for a portfolio. For some it was an attempt to try themselves in a new direction of photography, someone made a children's photo shoot their main specialization. Moreover, no matter how many young creatures were filmed in original productions, each collection carries something new.

The cat in the hat Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Princess Frog Harry Potter Peter Pan

Modern photographers are especially fond of turning children into fairy-tale heroes. They will disguise the mischievous boy as Ivan Tsarevich, then they will create a stage adaptation of the immortal work "Peter Pan", then they will make the viewer believe that the pink-cheeked baby is the famous Winnie the Pooh. At the same time, the heroes of the photo shoot look so calm, as if they worked as models for the world's leading photographers for most of their lives.

Miners The lion king Winnie the Pooh The wizard of oz

It is worth noting another famous collection of children's pictures in which babies learned to swim. Genuine emotions of delight, surprise, fear, curiosity are written in every photo by photographer Phil Shaw. And, despite the fact that children do not play any roles in the collection, each frame is original and unique. And every child in the photo is a small star who comprehends the art of swimming.

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