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Rustam "Romeo" Sagdullaev and Marina Kuzina: together in sorrow and in joy
Rustam "Romeo" Sagdullaev and Marina Kuzina: together in sorrow and in joy
Rustam "Romeo" Sagdullaev and Marina Kuzina

In the post-Soviet space, perhaps, there is no person who has not seen the wonderful film by Leonid Bykov "Only" old men "go into battle. When this film was released in 1973, the actors who starred in it became real stars one day. One of the most recognizable and beloved heroes was the pilot Romeo, whose role was played by the Uzbek actor Rustam Sagdullaev - the audience was very much touched by the love story on the battlefields. But in real life, the movie Romeo had a happy love, which he carried through the years.

Romeo from the movie Bykov

Do you remember these lines: "Romeo from Tashkent got sad, Juliet ran away in the" maize "? The love story of an Uzbek pilot and Russian pilot Masha is quite real. And also tragic: the girl worked during the war in the cafeteria, loved the pilot and died under fire.

Rustam Sagdullaev, seeing himself on the screen, was shocked. He believed that next to Evgenia Simonova, he looked terrible

The film history of love has become so popular and beloved that the actor Sagdullaev was held hostage to this role for many years. Director Bykov did not take him into his next film, saying that he wants the audience to remember him as Romeo.

Rustam Sagdullaev as pilot Romeo

At first, Sagdullaev, of course, was offended, the actors do not like to remain with one role all their lives. But none of his roles received such popular love and such recognition as the role of the pilot Romeo. Well, you can remain a hostage to SUCH role for the rest of your life!

It got to the point of curiosities: few knew that the actor's name was Rustam. And one Moscow director, wanting to invite him to the role, in all seriousness asked to convey that Romeo Sagdullaev sent a photo for screen tests. Not everyone knew Rustam Sagdullaev, but everyone knew Romeo from Tashkent!


Rustam Sagdullaev - was born on July 25, 1950 in Tashkent. Started filming at the age of 13. But national fame was brought to him only by the role of a romantic military pilot. It is no exaggeration to say that many generations of spectators were in love with him.

Rustam Sagdullaev in the movie "Lovers" (1969)

But Rustam himself, unlike many other actors, did not suffer from star fever, was not proud of fame and did not collect fans. And in his private life, according to people who know him, he is practically the same as in the film - a kind, sympathetic and sincere person. By the way, he mostly plays decent people. Only once was an actor seduced by the role of a traitor - and regretted it. The audience did not accept their favorite actor in this manner and were very unhappy. Rustam listened to the “voice of the people” and did not play any more negative characters.

Perhaps thanks to this character, his personal life, unlike many famous actors, was very successful. Or maybe because his wife is not an actress. Creative marriages are often fragile … Rustam Sagdullaev got married a little late by Eastern standards - after 30 years. Apparently, he was in no hurry, expecting a meeting with his real love. And he was right. I met my wife by chance: in 1987 I came to the sewing shop of "Uzbekfilm" to pick up my suit, and Marina Kuzina worked as the head of this shop.

Rustam "Romeo" Sagdullaev and Marina Kuzina

At first, Marina was skeptical about Rustam's advances: he is also a famous actor adored by the audience, and, probably, like all actors, he is fickle and windy. But she soon realized that he was a deeply decent and reliable person. And also lonely. And she gave her consent to the marriage.The couple immediately went to the registry office. As soon as they saw the famous actor, they immediately offered to formalize the marriage immediately, without waiting in line, without the obligatory 3-month wait.

Romeo and Juliet from Tashkent

They have been together for almost 40 years and they are happy. Rustam and Marina have two children: a son, Ravshan, and a daughter, Navruz. And although in everyday life the actor is quick-tempered, the wife attributes this to the mentality of an oriental man and, according to her, has learned to put up with it. She also does not pay attention to the many female fans who today surround the famous actor at various festivals and presentations. A wise wife does not prevent her husband from swimming in the rays of glory. But, by the way, he never abused it and does not abuse it. Family life is most important to him.

The family of Rustam Sagdullaev

The family had a difficult period in the 90s. However, this then affected many. Rustam Sagdullaev was left without roles. And no money. He became depressed, because for an actor to live without work is a creative suicide. And for a man, the inability to support a family is an even harder blow. Beloved wife came to the rescue. She took on any job - she sewed everything: dresses, jeans, shirts, furniture and car covers. And true love conquered all difficulties. The family survived! According to friends, the spouses have the same tender and warm relationship as at the beginning of family life.

Creative life

Rustam "Romeo" Sagdullaev

Today Rustam Sagdullaev is the owner of his own studio, which he founded in 2000 and named “Ravshan-film” after his son. True, the children did not follow in the footsteps of their father, which, according to him, is very happy. And recently the actor became a grandfather. Marina is engaged in what she loves - tailoring exclusive clothes. Now Rustam Sagdulla is actively acting in Russian and Uzbek films and TV series. There are many more projects in the creative plans of the actor. He already has several ready-made scripts for joint Russian-Uzbek films. So, shooting of the 25-episode joint series "Eastern Legends" is to begin soon, this is a story about the Great Silk Road. And Romeo-Rustam also hopes to make a film about a beautiful and magical oriental love - a fairy tale about a prince and a poor girl.

The wonderful actor Rustam Sagdullaev and his wonderful wife would like to wish all their creative plans to come true, and in family life they were also accompanied by love.

By the way, it cannot be argued that the second half of an actor must necessarily be a person who has nothing to do with art, and that this is the secret of longevity. A creative union as the secret of family longevity - this is how it can be said about Natalia Konchalovskaya and Sergei Mikhalkov.

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