Burn them! Unusual gym advertisement
Burn them! Unusual gym advertisement
Burn them! Unusual gym advertisement

No, this is not a photo project "Where do modern housewives get their hands from?" Burnt fast food has become the hero of an unusual gym advertisement. The black and white images show you what will happen to the hot dog, fries, hamburger and donuts you eat after exercise. All calories will be burned safely.

Unusual gym ad: burnt donuts

Spring is in full swing, and everyone who still hasn't bothered to pay a visit to the gym should think about how to meet summer fully armed. If it’s as hot as last year, you’ll hardly want to put on extra clothes to mask the extra fat.

Unusual gym ad: burnt fries

Bleublancrouge, a Canadian creative agency based in Montreal, has sports advertising specialists. They know how to lift the Oblomov comrades from the soft sofas. Oh, this is not an easy job … After all, in order to attract lazy people to gyms, you need a funny and unusual advertisement.

Unusual gym ad: hamburger is also out of luck

The charred foods on Canadians' posters symbolize the defeated enemies of our slimness. The authors of an unusual advertisement hint that the calories we received will simply be burned during exercise.

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