Wedding dresses instead of the prize cup: brides run in New York
Wedding dresses instead of the prize cup: brides run in New York
A wedding dress is a prize for the fastest bride

Probably, many readers (and especially readers) of Kulturologiya.Ru have watched the legendary romantic comedy more than once "runaway Bride"with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The heroine of this film wedding dress so frightening that she strove to run away from the hated march of Mendelssohn right in him. But other American women, New Yorkers, run for wedding dresses themselves! So what to do - tradition such.

Running for Wedding Dresses at Filene's Basement

Wedding traditions are sometimes so funny and confusing that it's time to write cartoons about them. But no matter how bizarre they are, the celebration will not do without one object - of course, this is a wedding dress (and not a bride or groom, as many probably thought). It is after them that the residents of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles run out - cities that have Filene's Basement ("Filein's Cellar").

Running brides for wedding dresses

This chain of stores sells perhaps the most famous wedding dresses in the world. A in 1947 its owners found a great way to further increase their fame: they opened a huge sale of one-day wedding dresses by the best fashion designers of the time. American women, smelling the smell of weddings and scarcity, in the best Soviet traditions lined up at the door of the store, and when they were opened … Vzhzhzhikh! - with a joyful squeal, the girls raced to the fitting rooms: this is what the simple slogan "one by one in one hand" makes!

Brides in pursuit of the best wedding dresses

And so it happened. Now "dresses for one day"Failin's Basement costs between $ 250 and $ 700, which equates to more than $ 9,000 in retail. The brides and their mothers crowding at the door are very excited about this type of sales. wedding dress it is necessary for one day (the most important in life, in the opinion of many), and you can save a lot, and at the same time dress like a person who has never heard of savings.

And now happiness is close at hand … But his eyes fled

And when early in the morning June 3 (that is, last Friday) a starting pistol was fired near the New York branch of Filein's Basement, thousands of brides how old times rushed towards a simple, centuries-old happiness, embodied in wedding dress… This is such a wedding tradition - commercially oriented, like many customs in America, but no less spectacular and sentimental in a good way.

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