Debt Pills: Susan Braig's Homemade Decorations of Expired Drugs
Debt Pills: Susan Braig's Homemade Decorations of Expired Drugs
Debt pills: Susan Braig's homemade decorations from expired drugs

About the appearance of Susan Braig's bijouterie, we can safely say: "There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped." The woman had to take up a new creative business to pay off her debts. Necklaces and earrings inlaid with all sorts of pills are a powerful external remedy that increases the content of "happiness hormones" in the blood of lovers of unusual homemade jewelry.

The very same Susan Braig (Susan Braig) "hormones of happiness" was severely lacking 7 years ago, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Confused by the rules of health insurance, the middle-aged lady (then she was 52 years old) got into debt. When the beams of therapy dried up and the fog in her head from the droppers with "chemistry" cleared away, Susan Braig set to work. The calculation showed that the treatment procedures squeezed out of her not only all the juices, but also a tidy sum of 40 thousand dollars.

Debt pills: you can ask the price

Susan Braig decided to get out of her personal financial crisis before the world crisis. Taking into account how popular original jewelry is now, and adding to this the ability to create beauty with your own hands, an American woman for 50 made a bet on craft. And the bet was played.

A resident of sunny California began to tinker trinkets from improvised means: expired pills and capsules lying around in the medicine cabinet. The result is an alloy that Susan Braig calls "prescription jewelry."

Prescription Jewelry: Susan Braig's Homemade Jewelry

As you know, at one time, Louis Aragon and Elsa Triolet created a necklace of aspirin tablets for the extravagant Elsa Schiaparelli, from whose fashion innovations the audience was constantly thrown into heat (a shoe-hat, a newspaper print and a fashion for shocking pink - her hand made). As we can see, the memory of the antipyretic jewelry is alive. True, this time the reason for the "medical jewelry" was not the desire of the authors to create something extremely witty and original, but the desire to show how precious health is in our time. It is a real luxury, just like jewelry.

If the tablets do not help when taken orally, external use is possible

An even less optimistic interpretation of Susan Braig's homemade jewelry suggests itself. The pills, which are supposed to save you from disease, are reduced here to the level of beads, which, no matter how much you swallow it, will not help. Therefore, with the same effect, you can take medicines by mouth - or wear them as an amulet that drives away germs. But, however, the placebo also helps - you see, and homemade jewelry will increase vitality.

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