Clown Festival in Milan: the color of fun
Clown Festival in Milan: the color of fun
Clown Festival in Milan: the color of fun

We are used to that clowns appear on holidays… This long-standing tradition has led to the fact that the time and place of gathering of a large number of clowns automatically becomes the center of a fun festival. One of the most famous, vibrant and colorful festivals of this kind - holiday of clowns v Milan, annually decorating the streets of the city with the glitter of dresses and confetti, balloons, booths tents - and, of course, jokes.

Clown Festival in Milan

Clown - such a well-known circus role that it seems: people with powdered faces, funny wigs and, of course, spherical red noses have always been with us. But in fact, clowns appeared "only" five hundred years ago - but, of course, they continued much more ancient traditions carnival humor… In the modern world, a red nose and a white face evoke ambiguous associations - mainly thanks to the Americans, who invented the image of an evil clown, scared themselves, and at the same time the world around them. There is even such a disease: colrophobia, that is, an irrational fear of clowns.

Clown Festival in Milan: Costume Procession

But Milanese actors I don’t want to be afraid. After all, modern actors in the role of a clown most often bring tragicomic notes, subtle irony and satire. The primitive areal cackle is no longer in great demand; today's clowns rack their brains for a long time, coming up with deep and original jokes, new buffoonery. At the festival in Milan, hundreds of troupes play out their performances day and night (most often for free), testing experimental fusions of satire and sympathy, irony and grotesque, gag and paradox on crowds of tourists. In addition, during the holiday you can see parades and processions in national costumes, listen to orchestras and watch fireworks.

Clown Festival in Milan Clown Festival in Milan: Costume Procession

Clown festival takes place in Milan at the end of February - and three months later, a wave is rolling around the world International Clown Festival (which starts today, May 25). But all the same, perhaps, the action in Italy looks the most interesting: after all, this is the most theatrical and circus country in the world. And next to the beautiful architecture of historic Milan, the procession of clowns looks like the resurrection of the Middle Ages - like at the Cologne carnival in Germany.

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