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Robert Banks (Banksy) - artist and art terrorist from the UK
Robert Banks (Banksy) - artist and art terrorist from the UK
Robert Banks (Banksy) - artist and art terrorist from the UK

Who is Robert Banks, better known as Banksy? Painter? Art terrorist? Opponent of convention? Or is it just an adult, but still a bully? It looks like Banksy combines all of the above. Only now this is not just a graffiti artist who works in his native London and not even just a world-famous graffiti artist, but a mysterious character who sells his works for a lot of money, but still incognito.


Robert Banks was born presumably in 1974 in Bristol. And he began to draw in the 90s. He began his career with the DryBreadZ Crew. I had to draw, of course, illegally. Often, his first works were anti-war and anti-capitalist. He began to draw Banksy by hand. And every time, like any graffiti artist who draws illegally, he risked falling into the hands of the police. The artist himself, in one of the rare interviews, said that he decided to use a stencil when he was hiding from the police under the carriage. Now he has managed to transform this technique into his own recognizable and highly professional style.


In his native London, Banksy became popular quite quickly after its appearance in the graffiti arena. And Robert Banks gained world fame after a number of his scandalous works on military topics. On the western bank of the Jordan River, regardless of the threats, he still managed to draw his plan. Which caused a wide public outcry.


Banksy's work mainly deals with acute social topics, but not only. Some of his works are very ironic and concern even the most famous personalities. For example, a parody picture with Paris Hilton. The range of his work increased, and after that his fame grew.

Robert Banks (Banksy) - artist and art terrorist from the UK


Banksy sometimes amazes with its antics. In May 2005, British Museum staff discovered Banksy's work on the wall. An image of a caveman pushing a cart from a supermarket. Interestingly, it was decided to leave the creation. And for a huge graffiti painting on the bridge, because of which the bridge had to be closed for reconstruction, Banksy was fined.


2006-2007 was a breakthrough in the world of art for Robert Banks. In 2006, Hollywood celebrities bought his work for tidy sums. For example, Angelina Jolie spent 400 thousand dollars on his work. Other notable fans of Banksy are Jude Law, Brad Peet and Keanu Reeves. The artist prefers to communicate with his customers through his agent.


Popularity comes at a price. Banksy's works are stolen from museums and cityscapes and then resold. For free, the artist's creations can be obtained on his official website.


Banksy's works in 2007 became the most expensive lots at the Sotheby's contemporary art auction. They were estimated at 317 thousand dollars. The famous auction has already sold Banksy's works and intends to continue to cooperate with him. His latest work went under the hammer for a record £ 62,400. Another work, Balloon Girl, sold for £ 37,200 (about $ 74,000), and Bomb Hugger sold for £ 31,200 ($ 62,500).

Already an established figure in the art world, Banksy was honored with the prestigious GreatestBritonsAward in the Art category. But Banksy never revealed his face.On the one hand, anonymity became his trump card, on the other, the bombing of Banksy, although an art, but still illegal.

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