The poet's words are his face: original paintings by Erica Iris Simmons from texts, sheet music and film
The poet's words are his face: original paintings by Erica Iris Simmons from texts, sheet music and film
Original paintings by Erica Iris Simmons from lyrics, sheet music and film

Artist Erica Iris Simmons creates original paintings that immediately show what the person depicted on them is famous for. Here you certainly can't confuse Claude Monet with Bernard Shaw: portraits of artists are glued together from reproductions of their own canvases, writers - from the texts of the works that glorified them, screen stars - from film, which has preserved their image.

American Erika Iris Simmons 5 years after graduating from the University of St. Louis, and now lives and works in Princeton (USA). It is unlikely that she heard about the Soviet song "From what, from what, what are our boys / girls made of?" But ideas, as they say, are in the air. The song, of course, is not new, but the path across the ocean is not close to America either. While the concept has flown, a new century has come.

Original paintings by Erica Iris Simmons: Ludwig van Beethoven

Thoughts form personality. The modern artist started from this statement. And what do the thoughts of the greats look like? The painter sees colors and forms with his inner gaze, the writer thinks in verbal images. But how can this be shown? With the help of the results of their creative work.

Pictures from texts, sheet music and film: Salvador Dali, Claude Monet

Erica Iris Simmons, like an experienced surgeon, gut tapes, cut paintings, ripped open the belly of books - and all this in order to create a psychological portrait of the artist from scattered fragments. The artist does not allow gagging, that is, she does not add any noses or eyebrows - all the facial features of the subjects are composed of words, musical notation, fragments of paintings or film. Their correct combination does wonders - and the master himself or his muse appears before us.

The Creator is Impossible Without a Muse

Erica Iris Simmons' first project was film portraits, in which a magnetic tape symbolized the musician's stream of consciousness. After the success of the original paintings, the artist began to experiment. And now she does not stop there. The search for new techniques and materials turned out to be very productive - and now the portfolio of Erica Iris Simmons includes "musical" (cassette tape, musical notation), "pictorial" (fragments of paintings), "cinematic" (film) and "literary" (verbal texts) series.

Portrait of Oscar Wilde from "The Portrait of Dorian Gray"

The creator is all in his works: the composer - in music, the writer - in poetry and prose, the painter - in the paintings. In order to create a portrait of Oscar Wilde, the artist had to shred another "Portrait …" - "… Dorian Gray." True, she claims that only about 20 sentences were needed.

Film Marilyn Monroe

I wonder if Erica Iris Simmons had to create a self-portrait, what would it look like?

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