Funny Food Scenes: Terry Border's Witty Photos
Funny Food Scenes: Terry Border's Witty Photos
Funny scenes from the life of products: "Refusal"

“I always knew that my strange view of the world was a gift (or perhaps a curse) - at least I'm glad I found a use for it,” says Terry Border. A creative photographer from Indianapolis has been delighting the public for several years now, creating funny scenes from the life of everyday objects. Today we have another chance to appreciate his art of bringing things to life.

Terry Border's Witty Photos: Ice Cube Dreams

It all started with a banal desire to earn extra money. At first, Terry Border planned to make and sell funny wire figures. But in the process, it turned out that people wanted to get not so much the crafts themselves, as their photographs. Well, the author thought, are you asking for pictures? I have them. And besides, Terry Border has a talent and a wonderful sense of humor.

Funny scenes from the life of products: "Choose it!"

Why bother attaching wire legs to food at all? Terry Border thinks that he just watched too many cartoons as a child. In addition, he was always interested in things and the opportunity to come up with a story with their participation.

Terry Border's Witty Photos: "Chained to the Table"

Comedians are often quite dark people. Another confirmation of this is Terry Border. According to the master, most often he does not try to make people laugh at all, coming up with something funny. On the contrary, he tries to imagine the most unpleasant incident that could happen to this or that object.

Tragicomic scenes from the life of products: "Crime"

Sometimes, when photographing a finished scene, the wire craftsman thinks in horror that this time he has certainly gone too far. At this moment, he is sure that the audience will see through him and forcibly send him to a psychiatrist. And what comes out? Usually it is the darkest pictures, according to the author, that become the most popular. Terry Border shrugs his shoulders and says that, probably, in this case, he will not be the only one to stand in line to see a psychologist.

Terry Border's Witty Photos: Peanut Mourning

Terry Border blogs and periodically asks the venerable public what things she would like to see in another funny scene from the life of the wirefoot. After voting and determining the composition of the "troupe", the director begins to compose a dark plot. He always draws a mise-en-scène, thinks over how people would act in the same situation. Then he mercilessly removes minor characters, chooses the background, surroundings, thinks over the lighting. An important point is to find such items that will look the most organic with wire arms and legs attached to the "body". For example, oak or maple leaves are not suitable for characters in a mini-performance, you need a simpler type.

Funny scenes from the life of products: "Practical Yolk"

As a rule, preparatory work ends late at night. All is ready. "Motor-rr!"

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