"Morning in a pine forest": How a painting by a Russian landscape painter turned into a candy wrapper
"Morning in a pine forest": How a painting by a Russian landscape painter turned into a candy wrapper
Morning in a pine forest. I. Shishkin, 1889

It is difficult to find someone who at least once would not have seen a painting by Ivan Shishkin "Morning in a pine forest", whether it be a reproduction on the wall or an illustration in a school textbook. But most of us know her from the "Clubfoot Bear" candy wrapper. How it happened that bears appeared in the landscape painter's picture, and the recognized masterpiece began to be associated with sweets - further in the review.

Ivan Shishkin is a Russian landscape painter

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin was considered an extremely master, when it was necessary to write out every leaf, every blade of grass, but he did not argue with the image of people or animals. That is why another artist, Konstantin Savitsky, painted the bear family on the famous painting "Morning in a Pine Forest".

Morning in a pine forest. I. Shishkin, 1889

The painting was signed by both artists, but when it was taken to the customer, Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov, he erased Savitsky's surname with turpentine, stating that he ordered the canvas from only one painter.

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin received 4,000 rubles for the painting. He gave one thousand to Savitsky. Konstantin Apollonovich was outraged that the fee was not divided in half, and in his hearts he even said that his bears occupy a central place in the picture, and the forest is only a background. These words greatly offended Shishkin. The artists no longer painted joint paintings.

Mishka kosolapy chocolate sweets

Around the same period, when the painting "Morning in a Pine Forest" was presented to the general public, a new variety of sweets was made at the confectionery factory of "Partnership" Einem: chocolate-covered wafer plates with a layer of almond praline. It became necessary to create a wrapper for sweets, and then the gaze of the owner of the enterprise, Julius Gates, accidentally fell on a reproduction of Shishkin's painting. The solution was found.

Wrap from chocolates "Mishka kosolapy" produced by the "Red October" factory

After the October Revolution, the candy factory was nationalized and renamed into "Red October", although for several more years they added "former. "Einem", the trade mark was so popular. The Mishka Clubfoot candy has become a favorite sweet of Soviet citizens. Over time, Shishkin's painting became associated with a wrapper, and its name was simplified to Three Bears, although there are four of them on the canvas.

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin was remembered by the descendants not only for the painting "Morning in a pine forest". He, like no one else, managed to convey through his paintings the beauty of the pristine forest, the endless expanses of the fields, the cold of the harsh land. The most famous canvases of the Russian landscape painter so realistic that it seems that the sound of a stream or the rustle of leaves is about to be heard somewhere.

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