From the life of a queen: A curious detail in Elizabeth II's wardrobe that no one noticed for a long time
From the life of a queen: A curious detail in Elizabeth II's wardrobe that no one noticed for a long time
Queen and umbrellas

The fact that members of the royal family should strictly adhere to certain rules in choosing their wardrobe is no secret to anyone. At least when it comes to the British monarchy. Stylishness, elegance and restraint are what characterizes this style. And recently, Internet users drew attention to an entertaining detail that for some reason had previously eluded the public, namely, how the Queen chooses her umbrellas.

Queen Elizabeth II's wardrobe

Despite the fact that Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain prefers discreet silhouettes in her clothes, she does not particularly limit herself in the choice of colors. On the queen, you can see both modest white or pale pink shades, as well as light green or bright red. Moreover, the Queen is the only one of the entire royal family who can afford orange clothes (it is believed that this color looks bad in photographs, and therefore Megan and Kate never appear in public in orange clothes).

Queen of Great Britain in orange

But what is interesting is that if it rains outside - and this is not uncommon in the UK - the queen invariably chooses transparent umbrellas from Fulton. Her choice fell on these umbrellas back in 1993, and since then she has been using them exclusively. We are talking about umbrellas with a cane-handle version "Birdcage" with a transparent dome, along the edge of which there is a colored border - the same color as the handle.

Queen in white The Queen prefers Fulton umbrellas Purple shades

For 25 years now, Queen Elizabeth II has been choosing such umbrellas so that their colored part would be in harmony with her wardrobe. Maroon, bright green, pale yellow - it feels like the queen has an umbrella under each of her outfits. Needless to say, these umbrellas were all custom made for the Queen. Stylists suspect that the queen has accumulated a huge collection of umbrellas over the years. “But the shoes, apparently, the queen prefers not to change,” - Internet users comment on the photos.

Mint color In shades of blue Queen in pink Red and black The Queen's umbrellas match her outerwear The umbrellas were created especially for the queen The Birdcage umbrellas that the queen uses can be purchased from the Fulton store The Queen has been using Fulton umbrellas since 1993 The Queen chooses umbrellas that match the color of her outerwear Apparently, the queen has a decent collection of umbrellas In shades of green An interesting detail of the royal wardrobe

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