Santa Claus of all countries - unite! New Year's Eve celebrations around the world
Santa Claus of all countries - unite! New Year's Eve celebrations around the world
New Year's Eve parade of Santa Clauses in Trafalgar Square (England)

Christmas Is one of the brightest holidays that children and adults alike love. Cities light up with hundreds of flickering lights, houses smell of pine needles and tangerines, pleasant bustle reigns everywhere: searching for gifts, preparing delicacies, choosing clothes … As you know, Catholics celebrate Christmas on December 25, anticipating the coming of the new year with this holiday. About how Santa Clauses from different countries of the world are preparing for the festive New Year's marathon - see the photo report below.

Santa Clays Race in Liverpool (England)

Who, if not the British, knows a lot about Christmas festivities. Santa's keep in shape in this country is helped by the annual 5-kilometer "race", which traditionally takes place in early December in Liverpool. Excellent physical fitness this year was demonstrated by about eight thousand gray-bearded "elders". Another place of mass gathering of Santa Claus is Trafalgar Square. During the SantaCon New Year's Eve procession, not only guys, but also girls walk along London streets in characteristic red hats.

Saint Nicholas on the central square of Brussels (Belgium)

The fancy-dress parade is also held in Brussels (Belgium), but it is timed not for Christmas, but for St. Nicholas Day, which is celebrated on December 5-6. A disguised Saint Nicholas ("Sinterklaas") is walking along the main square of the city, accompanied by two assistants, who are called "Zwarte Piet". The highlight of the Belgians is loyalty to history, because all the outfits are made in the spirit of the Middle Ages.

American Michael Sciaraffo deliversts to families affected by Hurricane Sandy (USA)

In America, New Year's holidays are also eagerly awaited, because people so want warmth and joy after the shocks experienced in recent months. On the eve of Christmas, Santa Clauses are trying to bring gifts to every home. One of the resourceful Americans, Michael Sciaraffo, used the social network Facebook to raise charitable funds to help families affected by Hurricane Sandy. Dressed as Santa Claus, he personally walked around many houses in New York. By the way, America's most beautiful Christmas tree has traditionally been installed in this city for over 80 years, next to the Rockefeller Center.

Christmas tree near Rockefeller Center (USA)

Of course, one of the most extreme was not the overseas Santa, but our Russian Santa Claus. Valery Kokoulin in a themed outfit decided to celebrate the end of the seaworthy season on his homemade yacht, since in Krasnoyarsk on the Yenisei River the temperature dropped to 23 degrees below zero.

Seaman Valery Kokoulin in the form of Santa Claus closes the season (Russia)

By the way, gifts for Christmas are received not only by people, but also … by animals. An unusual event was organized in the central London Zoo: all the pets received treats from Santa.

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