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10 scary books, reading which it is simply impossible to remain indifferent
10 scary books, reading which it is simply impossible to remain indifferent
"Woman in the Sands" by Kobo Abe is a book that gives you goosebumps

If you have a desire to get a dose of thrills, stir up your mind or get scared to a chill on your back, just pick up a book. In our review, the scariest books - from the classics of fiction to documentaries.

1. Chuck Palahniuk - "Lullaby"

Chuck Palahniuk - Lullaby

The novel "Lullaby" by the notorious Chuck Palahniuk tells the story of a reporter who is investigating the manifestations of sudden infant death syndrome. In the course of his investigation, the reporter finds an ancient African spell called "lullaby". It turns out that a huge number of people use it for their own purposes. However, the book is really about much more than just a mystical incident.

2. Adolf Hitler - "Mein Kampf"

Adolf Hitler - "Mein Kampf"

The work "Mein Kampf", recognized in Russia and many other countries as an "extremist" book, belongs to the pen of Adolf Hitler. The book contains elements of an autobiography and from it you can see how Hitler came to the ideas of the racial superiority of the Aryans, how the ideas of anti-Semitism and militarism were born in him.

3. Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprengenr - "Hammer of the Witches"

Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprengenr - "Hammer of the Witches"

The Malleus Maleficarum, a treatise on demonology, written by the Dominican inquisitors Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprengenr, at the time of publication was the most popular book among the clergy and the then intelligentsia. "Hammer of the Witches" is a must-read for anyone who wants to engage in hunting, trial, torture and execution of witches.

4. A.K. Tolstoy - "A family of ghouls"

A.K. Tolstoy - "A family of ghouls"

Alexey Konstantinovich Tolstoy is considered the person who introduced the concept of "vampire" into Russian literature. It was he who wrote at one time the work "The Family of Ghouls", which can be safely described as "classic" horror.

5. Stephen King - "Pet Sematary"

Stephen King - "Pet Sematary"

Pet Sematary is one of Stephen King's most famous and terrifying fictions. It tells the sinister spirit of the Wendigo from Indian legends. The book was also filmed.

6. Edgar Poe - "The Fall of the House of Usher"

Edgar Poe - "The Fall of the House of Usher"

The Fall of the House of Usher, written by Edgar Poe, is a terrific psychological horror story. The work is distinguished by an interesting narration and unusual, intricate logical constructions.

7. Agatha Christie - "10 Little Indians"

Agatha Christie - "10 Little Indians"

A real classic of detective stories and, perhaps, the best work of Agatha Christie - "10 Little Indians". This book can be considered really scary. She has inspired and continues to inspire an incredible number of horror films and detective stories about the "perfect murder".

8. Franz Kafka - "Labyrinth"

Franz Kafka - "Labyrinth"

The book "Labyrinth" belongs to the pen of Franz Kafka. It includes several collections of works that writers refer to as the so-called Kafka bestiaries. The works for the most part are not so much scary as mysterious, incomprehensible and fascinating.

9. Kobo Abe - "The Woman in the Sands"

Kobo Abe - "The Woman in the Sands"

"Woman in the Sands" is a cult novel by the Japanese writer Kobo Abe. A man goes on a 3-day vacation to replenish his collection of insects, and finds himself at the edge of a sand pit, where there is a shack. In search of a lodging for the night, he descends on a rope ladder and remains to spend the night with a young woman - the mistress of a wretched shack. What would happen next, he could not even imagine.

The author raises the eternal question about the meaning of human existence: to complain about the inevitability of events, to accept or change the angle of perception of reality and to resist.

10. Svetlana Aleksievich - "Zinc Boys"

Svetlana Aleksievich - "Zinc Boys"

The novel "The Zinc Boys", as well as all of Aleksievich's books, is penetrating, truthful and bitter. “While reading, you cry nonstop, tremble as if from the cold, but you read all the same. To know. Even though it is scary,”- this is how one of the readers told about his impressions.

Zinc Boys is a documentary film of people's memories of the Afghan war. These are stories of soldiers, officers, mothers, doctors, wives, widows …

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