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Igor Kirillov's Two Times of Happiness: How to Survive a Loss and Find Joy in Life Again
Igor Kirillov's Two Times of Happiness: How to Survive a Loss and Find Joy in Life Again
Russian television legend Igor Kirillov

The legendary announcer of the central television of the USSR, Igor Kirillov, has always been handsome, elegant and well-composed. Thousands of female fans fell in love with him, but he could be given an order for loyalty. For more than half a century, he lived in perfect harmony with his wife Irina. And then trouble came to his house. He survived the loss of his wife and son. It was difficult for Igor Leonidovich, but he never complained. And fate gave me a chance to be happy again.


Igor Kirillov in his youth

Igor and Irina met in childhood. They lived in neighboring houses, and little Igor made friends with three sisters: Tatyana, Irina and Natalya. Igor and Irina were then 10 years old.

Mutual feelings between Igor and Irina arose a little later, in the seventh grade. They spent more and more time together. And even during the summer holidays, when everyone was leaving for a dacha in the suburbs, they did not part. Their dachas were in one place, only on opposite sides of the railway. This did not stop Igor at all from visiting his friend, first on a bicycle, then on a motorcycle.

Igor and Irina Kirillov on the wedding day

Igor and Irina got married in 1953, when both were still students. In 1961, daughter Anna was born in the Kirillov family, and 10 years later, son Vsevolod.

Igor Leonidovich always listened to the opinion of his wife. Irina Vsevolodovna was for him not only a beloved woman, but also a friend, adviser, and first critic. It was she who prevented him from contracting the "star fever" virus. She was always strict and picky about herself and what her husband was doing.

Igor Kirillov with his daughter and son

When the audience attributed to him novels with all partners on television, Igor Leonidovich only smiled. On television, everyone knew about his reverent attitude towards his wife. Everyone knew and loved Irina Vsevolodovna on television. She herself worked for 33 years at Ostankino as a sound engineer. Igor Kirillov's wife surprised everyone with her gentleness and at the same time her ability to support in difficult times, to come to the aid of everyone who needed her.

Igor and Irina Kirillov

And the announcer did not forget to emphasize that his wife has a very strong character. When someone expressed doubt, he just threw up his hands: how could a weak woman withstand all his shortcomings? When Irina Vsevolodovna passed away in 2004, Igor Kirillovich could not recover from the loss for a long time. Despite the fact that his wife was sick for a long time, he was not at all ready for her departure. And then he looked after Irina's younger sister, Natalia, who at one time helped the speaker's wife during her illness. After the death of Natalia, Igor Leonidovich was left completely alone.


Igor Kirillov

Kirillov's daughter Anna lived in Germany for a long time, Vsevolod's son, after a family conflict with his parents and sister, stopped communicating, even changing his phone numbers. In 2011, the son died suddenly of pancreatitis. Only after his death did Igor Kirillov meet his son's widow and his children.

Igor Leonidovich very hard endured loneliness, but he was not used to complaining. The world seemed to have turned gray. He continued to go to work when he was invited to take part in the filming, went to the store to shop. And then fate gave him a chance to be happy again.

Happiness as a reward

Igor Kirillov with his wife Tatyana

They met in 2008 in a store near Igor Kirillov's house. He often went there for groceries.At first, Tatyana did not even believe herself when, standing behind the counter, she heard the voice of a famous announcer familiar from childhood.

He looked confused and sad. The benevolent Tatyana from the bottom of her heart tried to cheer up Igor Leonidovich. She always found a kind word for him. And once he asked her a question from which she was simply confused. He asked if she knew how to cook pasta. And there was so much melancholy in the eyes of this handsome middle-aged man that her heart sank.

Igor Kirillov with his wife Tatyana

In the evening she hurried to his house. I fed him dinner, tried to put things in order in the apartment. And then she began to often run to him after work. I cooked for food, helped as much as I could with the housework. On one of these evenings, she received a call from work and reported her dismissal. Tatyana Alexandrovna could not hide her grief. The loss of her job entailed for her, a native of Moldova, an automatic loss of housing, since there would simply be nothing to pay for a rented apartment.

On that day, he invited her to spend the night in her daughter's empty room. And in the morning he simply offered to stay and live with him in a huge apartment. Tatyana Aleksandrovna became his friend and his guardian angel. She helped him cope with the next blow of fate when the news of the death of his son came.

Igor Leonidovich and Tatiana Alexandrovna

When Igor Kirillov proposed to her, she agreed without hesitation. But at first they had a hard time. There were acquaintances who considered it their duty to sympathize with Kirillov, to open their eyes to the commercialism of his second wife. And she went with him to look after the grave of Irina Vsevolodovna and daily wiped the dust from her portraits, which still hang in their house. She considers it her duty and a tribute to her husband's past. Tatyana Aleksandrovna has become a real friend for Anna, her husband's daughter, with whom they communicate daily via the Internet.

Igor Kirillov

Very little time passed, and the friends of the announcer saw how much not only Kirillov himself had changed, but also his house. It became cozy and warm again, and happy lights shone in Igor Leonidovich's eyes.

Igor Kirillov often went on the air along with in whose life there was a story of happy and at the same time unhappy love.

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