Who is "Russian Barbie" and why she has no friends
Who is "Russian Barbie" and why she has no friends

The phenomenon of the popularity of the Barbie doll can be explained by the girls' desire to have an ideal (from the point of view of the public) appearance and the desire to identify themselves with such a beauty. However, a child is one thing, and a grown woman is quite another. We have already written more than once about girls who, in their desire to become a living copy of the famous doll, stop at nothing. There is also such a “live Barbie” in Russia, and her name is Tatiana Tuzova.

Tatiana Tuzova with her Barbie collection Tatiana Tuzova and Rodrigo Alves, who underwent numerous surgeries to look like Ken's doll

Tatyana lives in Moscow, she is 32 years old, and according to her confessions, she does not have enough time for friends and the usual life that her peers lead. Tatiana is completely immersed in her work and maintaining her image. As Tanya herself says, this "loneliness" does not bother her - she likes her own world.

Tatiana Tuzova in a barbie entourage Tatiana's house looks like a dollhouse

In the world of Tatiana Tuzova, as you might guess, there are a lot of doll-shaped things and pink. Everything - clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, and even Tanya's car are made in the style of a Barbie doll. Tatyana's house also resembles that famous dollhouse with pink walls and pink furniture, in which there was a place not only for a pink-maned toy unicorn, but also for a very impressive collection of real Barbie dolls and various accessories to them.

Tatiana leads children's parties Tatiana never leaves her image

To date, Tatiana's collection contains 1,520 dolls with a total value of about $ 157,000. So what is Tatyana doing? By and large, her main task is to build her earnings around her bright image. On her Instagram page, Tanya wrote about herself: "Winner of MusicBOX awards, Soundtrack, Best Designer, European Award Best Pop Singer, Miss Star of Russia, Miss Intercontinental Russia."

Tatiana's photo session Russian Barbie with children

Tanya is really invited to the stage as a singer and as a model at fashion shows, she participates in television programs, and leads children's parties. She now also maintains her own page on YouTube and Instagram. “I work, record songs, go to performances, receive awards, design clothes for children and adult girls, do professional photography,” Tatiana says about herself. And you need to understand that whatever she does, it always happens in the image of Barbie and the style of Barbie. “All my daily clothes are pink. I don’t get tired of him, he has many shades”.

Tatiana builds her work around her bright image Tatiana Tuzova

Like all other "living Barbies", Tatiana also turned to a plastic surgeon to correct her appearance. After the birth of her son (he is now 11 years old), she enlarged her breasts, as, according to her, pregnancy did not affect her appearance in the best way. However, she also met her fifth (current) husband, whose name Tanya refuses to name, in the hospital - he works as a doctor. It was he who gave the girl a pink convertible with a photo of Tatiana on the door.

Tatiana admits that all her everyday clothes are pink Now the girl has her own YouTube channel and her Instagram

“Barbie is not my job. This is my life. And when other people say nasty things to me on the Internet, I tell them that I do not smoke, do not drink and do not use foul language. I promote healthy lifestyles for children. " At the same time, Tatyana is sad that people are mostly not interested in hearing about those good deeds that she has done - they are much more interested in how often she gets married, what color her underwear is and what exactly the plastic surgeon did to her. “But for me it is important to keep my individuality. All around are the same. And it's hard to copy me. I have been working on my style for many years and have invested a lot of money in it."

Barbimobil Tatiana admits that she does not have enough time for friendship Russian Barbie Tatiana with awards Russian Barbie - Tatiana Tuzova

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