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How it was: nostalgic Soviet photographs by Vladimir Rolov (part 2)
How it was: nostalgic Soviet photographs by Vladimir Rolov (part 2)
Medal of Honor

You can relate differently to the years 1970-1980. Someone thinks this time is a dark time of stagnation, but for someone it is a time of confidence in the future and a time of hope. But both those and others are unlikely to be left indifferent by the photographs of Vladimir Rolov - they are very soulful. These pictures are not about labor exploits and demonstrations, not propaganda and not reports from party congresses. Each of these photographs touches some hidden strings of the soul, because they capture random moments from the life of ordinary people.

1. Playing the she-hook

Elderly man playing the she-hook at home

2. Students of the culinary college

Culinary school students taste the prepared meals

3. Typing

Elderly man typing on the keyboard

4. An old tradition

A woman kissing freshly baked bread before serving it

5. Woman watchman

A sleeping watchman in one of the transformer museums

6. Street scene

The policeman stopped the driver who violated the traffic rules

7. Elderly couple

An elderly couple who lived together until a ripe old age

8. Medal of Courage

Medal of courage that saved the life of its owner

9. Group of teenagers

A group of teenagers next to a man repairing a car

10. Home is always better

An elderly man sitting outside his house

11. Fresh apples

Freshly harvested apples to be preserved

12. Lucky stingy

A man returning from the market

13. After the bath

Two men walking home after a bath

14. Long-awaited meeting

Relatives meeting their son after two years of service in the border troops

And one more selection nostalgic Soviet photographs by Vladimir Rolov - a unique excursion into the past.

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