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How first love changed the life of the country's most famous trucker, and why it did not become his fate: Vladimir Gostyukhin
How first love changed the life of the country's most famous trucker, and why it did not become his fate: Vladimir Gostyukhin

In the filmography of this actor, there are almost 120 works in films and TV series, but glory overtook Vladimir Gostyukhin after the role of Fyodor Ivanovich in the TV series "Truckers". His path to the profession was very difficult and thorny, however, like his life. First love played a significant role in his formation, but before meeting his fate, the famous actor had to make many more mistakes and overcome the desire to commit suicide.

Dangerous way

Vladimir Gostyukhin in his youth

Born 10 months after Victory Day, Vladimir Gostyukhin in childhood brought a lot of trouble to his parents. Just a year old, he almost died of a severe cold, and his grandparents went out, to whom the parents sent the boy to the village. Then the father had to apply rather harsh methods of education to his son, when the boy stole something from someone else's garden.

At school, Volodya was often offended, and at the age of 15 he signed up for boxing in order to learn how to defend himself, and after that he became a real bully. He got involved in fights and once almost ended up in jail due to another scuffle, where one of his friends used a knife. Then, for the first time, he thought about where such a life could lead him.

Vladimir Gostyukhin

The boy's parents were creative people, his father directed the House of Culture, his mother performed in an amateur theater. Vladimir Gostyukhin himself, for the time being, did not even think about art. He entered the radio technical school and there, under the threat of being deprived of his scholarship, he was actually forced to take part in a student production. Playing on stage was a real torture for him. Reconciled with reality was his only need to play in a romantic story with a pretty girl.

Vladimir Gostyukhin was already working as an electrician at the central stadium when he met Natasha at a dance. This girl became his first love, bitter, unhappy, but very significant.

The first love

Vladimir Gostyukhin

Then the future actor, when meeting, introduced himself as a student of a theater institute, although he had not even thought about entering a university. So during the first meeting with Natasha, Vladimir lied, as if he was studying. And he added a little age to himself. He fell in love with Natasha with all his unspent youthful ardor. And the girl … she then brought him closer to her, passionately kissed him goodbye, confessed her love, then pushed him away, went to the cinema with others, chased him away and did not want to see at all.

When she saw Vladimir's passport and found out that he was a year younger than he had told her, she found another reason to send him home. And she did not accept his invitation to the cinema, saying that she would go there with her future husband. At that time, the future actor came to the cinema and, seeing his beloved in the company of other guys, could not restrain himself and gave the girl a slap in the face. And in the morning I was on my knees, begging for forgiveness.

Vladimir Gostyukhin is second from the right, next to him is Natalya

There were many more events in this story. When Vladimir learned that Natasha became pregnant from her ex-boyfriend, who took advantage of the girl's intoxication, he was beside himself with despair. And nevertheless, he offered Natasha his hand and heart. She decided to become the wife of her abuser. It was then that Vladimir Gostyukhin threw himself under the wheels of a trolleybus, deciding to commit suicide. Fortunately, the driver managed to slow down, and then beat the unlucky lover in his hearts.

And soon fate brought him back to Natasha, and she once again hurt him. But as soon as Vladimir began to meet with another, Natasha was inflamed with passion for him and tried to return. However, he had already decided to let go of his feelings. At that time he already had plans to enter the theater.

Vladimir Gostyukhin

He was able to finally say goodbye to his first love after only 20 years. On tour in his native Sverdlovsk, he called Natalya at work, and then met her in a cafe. She was no longer the girl he fell in love with. But the old feelings boiled in both. They were already on the tram to Vladimir, but the woman excused herself and left. This time forever.

Nevertheless, it was his first love that left an imprint on his entire life. All these experiences, as the actor himself later admitted, went to the piggy bank of his greatest passion - cinema.

Four marriages and one destiny

Vladimir Gostyukhin

Vladimir Gostyukhin entered GITIS from the first time, graduated from the first course with a round excellent student. He came home, and my mother, looking at him, cried with happiness. In the morning after his arrival, she was hit by a car and died in the hospital a few days later.

The actor returned to Moscow completely lost, he again went all out, began to drink hard. He felt lonely and restless until he met Zinaida, an assistant costume designer. True, before meeting her, he managed to go to the registry office once, but he himself considers his first marriage with Galina not worthy of attention. He just got married because he felt responsible.

Vladimir Gostyukhin in the film "White Crow"

But everything was serious with Zinaida. She was waiting for him from the army, and then gave birth to his daughter. Returning from military service, Vladimir Gostyukhin worked as a loader in the port in order to be able to play a modest wedding. In the capital, he was able to get a job in the theater of the Soviet army only as a furniture maker-property manager. And for five years he was waiting for his appearance on the stage.

They lived with his wife and daughter Irina very poorly, and at some point the actor even began to be overcome by thoughts of suicide. It seemed that his life did not work out and he did not see a gap in front. But one day he nevertheless went on stage instead of a sick actor, whose role he knew by heart and even worked out for himself personally.

Vladimir Gostyukhin

The play with the participation of Vladimir Gostyukhin was the second director of the film "Walking through the agony", who was looking for an actor for the role of Alexei Krasilnikov. And after the release of the picture on the screens of Vladimir Gostyukhin, other directors began to be invited.

On the set of one of the films, he met Svetlana, a make-up artist, with whom he fell in love without memory. He rushed between his wife and Svetlana for a long time, but after that he still confessed to his wife. No matter how hard it was for Zinaida, she was able to cope with the pain and let her husband go. Fortunately, in her life later everything turned out well, and her ex-husband even shouted "Bitter!" at her second wedding.

Vladimir Gostyukhin with daughters Irina and Margarita

The actor lived with Svetlana for 20 years. But, according to him, they very quickly began to move away from each other, and the last five years have been a mere formality. He just waited until his daughter Margarita turned 18. When her husband returned from long film expeditions or from a tour, she was worried about how much money he brought, but not at all about how he felt, how he lived all this time without a family.

And I never came to Vladimir Gostyukhin on the set to support him. Although at one time, because of Svetlana, the actor moved from Moscow to Minsk. Probably, the lack of warmth and care played a role in the fact that the actor began to have novels on the side. As a result of one of them, another daughter of Alexander was born.

Vladimir Gostyukhin and Alla Prolich

At the age of 50, Vladimir Vasilyevich packed his things and moved to a hostel, leaving the apartment to his third wife Svetlana and daughter. It was later that he acquired a new apartment in the center of Minsk, and even before the divorce, he met the actress Alla Prolich, whom he calls his destiny today. They have been together for almost 20 years and now the actor seems to be really happy.

Vladimir Gostyukhin admits without false modesty: he made a real actress out of Alla. However, the wife also taught her husband a lot, for example, to cook. Together they make up a very good tandem, and the 20-year age difference does not bother them at all.

In the series "Truckers", the hero of Vladimir Gostyukhin was inseparable from Alexander Korovin, played by Vladislav Galkin. His untimely death for thousands of viewers was a huge shock - at that time, Vlad Galkin was only 38 years old. Relatives even put forward a version of the murder, but those who did not agree with her did not deny that lately, the actor seemed to be pursued by a series of misfortunes, which brought his departure closer.

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