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20 quotes from movie characters by Andrey Mironov about women and love
20 quotes from movie characters by Andrey Mironov about women and love
Andrey Mironov: about women and love

On March 7, 1941, the wonderful actor Andrei Mironov was born. When he was born, his mother, the famous actress Maria Mironova, said:. Mironov became a gift for everyone. Films with his participation not only entered the classics of world cinema, but also sold among the people for quotes. We have collected 20 of the most famous phrases from films where Mironov's characters talk about love and women.

The Diamond Arm

The Diamond Arm. Gesha Kozodoev

1. Rousseau tourist image of morality.

An ordinary miracle

An ordinary miracle. Minister-Administrator

2. What you call love is a little obscene, quite funny and very pleasant.

3. I have no time to care. You are attractive. I'm pretty damn attractive. Why waste time? At midnight. I'm waiting.

4. - Who is our husband? - Wizard. - It is necessary to warn.

12 chairs

12 chairs. Ostap Bender

5. A sultry woman is a poet's dream

6. Wipe your eyes, citizen. Each of your tears is a molecule in space.

7. Hush, girl! A woman is adorned with modesty. Why are these jumps?

Three in the boat, not counting the dog

Three in the boat, not counting the dog. Mironov played the roles of 6 characters at once

8. … and in general. An honor would be offered.

9. When fate brought us together a second time, I propose to do the rest of the way together

10. I do not understand these women: either she does not notice us, or they say "catch up with us." On what?!

Be my husband

Be my husband. Dr. Leva

11. Actually, I can do it myself, but it's much nicer when a woman strokes.

12. Girl, did we lie next to you?

Watch out for the car

Watch out for the car. Dima Semitsvetov

13. You need to marry an orphan!

The Man from Boulevard des Capucines

The man from Boulevard des Capucines. Cinema

14. - You see, Diana … How can you explain this? This is called "editing"! Kiss - / chick / - wedding - / chick / - and baby! - Oh Johnny, I want it like in a cinematography! I ask you - do the editing!

15. A woman is also a spectator!

16. I think so, Peppy: if a woman asks for something, then she must certainly be given! Otherwise, she will take it herself!

Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro

Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro

17. O woman! Female! Female! The creation is weak and insidious!

18. Whenever it seems to you that there is no love, it will only mean that it is hidden under the mask of respect.

19. Jealousy … is an unreasonable child of pride or a fit of violent insanity. And if Suzanne ever deceives me, I forgive her in advance: after all, she will have to work so much for this..

20. To beat off a person, and be angry with him too - that is a truly female trait!

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