The artist's reflections on pedestrians and walking
The artist's reflections on pedestrians and walking
Pedestrians of Ildus Farrakhov

Traffic policemen believe that a person becomes a pedestrian, naturally, with the help of law enforcement agencies. In one of her interviews twenty years ago, in the midst of perestroika, Edita Piekha stated that a person is born ready. True, Edita Stanislavovna preferred to remain silent about her grandson. The grandson was born not quite ready, and the grandmother had to share her five-digit surname with him. The fact that a person is born already programmed, humanity has always known. Soviet people learned about this quite recently. Prior to that, he re-educated everyone or took on bail.

Magnetic storms from the series Pedestrians by Ildus Farrakhov

A pedestrian is a law-abiding, two-legged, and sometimes four-legged creature, either knowing or guessing about the rules of behavior on the street. By the way, on the street, a person is greatly transformed. The mask is discarded as unnecessary, and the object or subject does not look very attractive. Once I did not recognize my own father, who was entering the "purchase".

Light from the window from the series Pedestrians of Ildus Farrakhov

For the correct orientation in space, mankind has invented road signs. Traffic signs are ideally a guarantee of survival. Their number exceeds a hundred.

New Moon from the series Pedestrians by Ildus Farrakhov

The psychology of pedestrians is very different: from sad-pensive to enthusiastic-sublime, or, more simply, from the Chapaevsky dash across the Urals (how it ended, we all know) to the mood of Krylovskaya Monkey with glasses.

Leap from the series Pedestrians of Ildus Farrakhov

The duty of a pedestrian consists in very simple things, namely, not to create emergency situations, not to slander, not to involve strangers in your personal affairs, not to try to borrow from strangers or strangers, not to stare at what you have to do, not to gossip on the whole Podyacheskaya, not to litter bonds of the 1987 model, do not rush under the traffic and, finally, do not wallow on the pavement and do not sleep on the steps of someone else's entrance …

Athletes from the series Pedestrians of Ildus Farrakhov

If in any way the road pictography is sent to the aliens, then their Knorozovs or Perelmans will construct an average behavioral stereotype of earthlings. Neither Dostoevsky, nor Tolstoy, nor Posner, who has appointed himself the "conscience of the nation", will be needed.

Night on Bald Mountain from the series Pedestrians of Ildus Farrakhov

The traffic police, or in the popular way the traffic police, are and apparently will be the first all-terrestrial Esperantists who will unite humanity into one four-legged and, naturally, penalty-rich community. I will not dwell on the growth of cars exponentially. Historians unanimously call the Brezhnev era stagnation, not admitting the idea that in any stagnation the state simply rests. In that wonderful, unforgettable period, everyone rested: the police, and without losing ostentatious vigilance, the traffic police, and even traffic lights stopped calling the former builders of communism into another bright distance. And at this time in the Stavropol Territory, a political thimble from God, Mikhail Gorbachev, speckled cards, invariably getting close to the point. Ahead loomed a great turning point - a kind of "five to four", when white began to be called gray, gray white, followed by a hurricane of bribes, mutual responsibility, sandpaper chaos, criminality, primitive demagogy: "what is not prohibited is allowed," name to which - restructuring. The country is cracked.It is still not clear how the deputies overlooked such a lafa as replacing road signs with anti-road signs, although they renamed and altered almost everything they could. They renamed the traffic police to the traffic police, remembered the idea of ​​turning the northern rivers, suggested making the Tatar language the second national language, reburying Lenin, transferring the bureaucracy to the domestic "Volga", turning the monument to Minin and Pozharsky towards Poland, twice (with a margin) to clone Zhirinovsky, once again, unscheduled, to marry Khakamada … and suddenly such a misfire, some unforgivable myopia …..

Team from the series Pedestrians of Ildus Farrakhov

There is still something unshakable in our homeland. Has common sense won out or is it just another bureaucratic overlap?"

Virtual exhibition "Pedestrians" by Ildus Farrakhov in the "City of Arts" gallery

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