Mushroom season in papier-mâché and primitive calendar dolls. Infantile creativity of the Grrl + Dog community
Mushroom season in papier-mâché and primitive calendar dolls. Infantile creativity of the Grrl + Dog community
Mushroom installation and other creativity from the Grrl + Dog community

As written on the community blog, Grrl + Dog, this is "a six-legged creature obsessed with knitting and sewing, which is stuck somewhere between childhood and adolescence", and therefore creates amazing works of art that may seem primitive, childish, naive … Because that is what they really are … The "Creation" of Grrl + Dog consists of an Australian artist named Denise Litchfield and her dog, dingo by name Kelpie, which the girl saved from a plastic bag when the dog was still a very tiny puppy. Together they roam the streets and alleys of Sydney, looking for inspiration for new, slightly crazy, but very positive works. As already mentioned, Denise is a fan of sewing, embroidery and knitting, and simply adores woolen things and threads, as well as everything that can be knitted, sewn and made of them. Therefore, very often she becomes a participant in street art projects, such as street knitting, which from time to time are arranged by "yarn bombers" living in different cities and countries. However, Denise also embodies her own street art projects like this mushroom installation.

Papier-mâché mushrooms in Sydney city park Mushroom installation. Naive children's creativity from Grrl + Dog Primitive positive kitchen towel dolls

Cute papier-mâché mushrooms painted with acrylic paint and planted in the grass in a city park is a sweet and naive art that will not leave indifferent any of the passers-by, giving each of them a smile. Of course, each of you can become the author of such an installation, but there is nothing supernatural in this. And therefore, it was Denise Litchfield who became the author, who believes that such primitive street art sometimes brings people much more positive, and is available to a much larger number of people than exhibitions in galleries and at the Biennale.

Dolls-calendars from Grrl + Dog Primitive Kitchen Towel Dolls by Grrl + Dog

Another example of such a primitive, but before screeching cute and funny art from Grrl + Dog can be called a series of cool doll-calendars, sewn by a craftswoman from kitchen towels, pieces of fur and old buttons. Warm and homely, they just ask to be held in order to please, warm and "smile" their owners. You can get to know more about Denise Litchfield's children's creativity on the website of her community Grrl + Dog.

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