Benji Hugh's weird ceramic figurines
Benji Hugh's weird ceramic figurines
Benji Hugh's weird ceramic figurines

Sculptor Benji Hugh lives in Springfield, Missouri and teaches at a local university. The scholar and freelance artist himself got acquainted with ceramics while still in high school. And once I realized that only with the help of clay crafts I could express all my thoughts. Since then, he has been sculpting various ceramic works, funny and strange.

Benjie Heu says that one of his basic needs is to constantly tinker and create new things. This also applies to cooking in the kitchen, and household chores in the yard, and sculpting ceramic figures in the studio. So his need for self-expression takes on tangible forms.

Benji Hugh's weird ceramic figurines: the elk and the lady with the dog

The sculptor admits that he often lacks words to tell people something important. This is where ceramic figurines come to his aid. Seemingly wordless lumps of baked clay, it turns out, can express a lot. So, one of the themes close to Benji Hugh is travel, but not as an ordinary movement in space, but as a process of becoming a personality, a road from the old to the new.

Benji Hugh's Strange Ceramic Figurines: The Traveler

Benji Hugh's path to his present began quite a long time ago. The debut work of the future sculptor is kept under glass by his parents. A lump of yellow clay with a bright orange beak, vaguely reminiscent of a duckling, is the first step in the artist's artistic career. As you already understood, this first ceramic figurine was created in kindergarten.

Benji Hugh Strange Ceramic Figurines: Pig

Further Benji Hugh studied in Ohio, Dartmouth and Montevallo, focusing on the study of ceramics, sculpture and printing. According to him, clay is a versatile, plastic, warm material, which has very wide opportunities for expressing thoughts and feelings. And besides, this material is extremely attractive.

Benji Hugh's Strange Ceramic Figures: Father and Son

Benji Hugh has been teaching at the university for over 12 years, teaching students about modern and ancient ceramics. In teaching students what he loves, Professor Hugh argues that clay modeling is the best way to develop the imagination. According to him, this material suggests unexpected art solutions.

Benji Hugh's Strange Ceramic Figurines: A Child with a Cannon and a Toy

The teacher demonstrates to the students the whole process of work from start to finish: from the choice of material and theme to glazing and firing in a special oven. And it's extremely interesting to watch how the miracles of ceramics appear right before your eyes!

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