Art from maps: original artwork by Ingrid Debringer
Art from maps: original artwork by Ingrid Debringer
Art from maps: original artwork by Ingrid Debringer

What are the clouds in the sky, abstract wallpaper, the outlines of continents and oceans in the atlas of the world? When Ingrid Debringer creates her original work, she kind of passes the Rorschach test. The artist, who now lives in Canada, sees funny little people with irregular bodies on geographical maps - and demonstrates the finds to the audience.

Original artwork by Ingrid Debringer: Great Britain and Ireland

Born in Vienna, Ingrid Dabringer graduated from Queen's University in Kingston, Canada (majoring in film studies) and the Massachusetts College of Art in the United States (where she studied woodcarving, felting and plasterwork). And she also lived in Indonesia, Lebanon, Mexico, Ecuador … So she had to learn geography already in the process of numerous travels, and since childhood she was surrounded by maps in her house.

Bird migration map: female version

Working on the original works, the artist tightened up the geography even more and now she certainly remembers where the Isle of Man is, and knows in which ocean to look for the Maldives. While drawing, Ingrid Debringer recalled the familiar cities where she happened to live, and the events associated with Vienna, Jakarta, Beirut, Quito, Mexico City, Boston, Kingston, Toronto, Vancouver.

Bird Migration Map: Male Version

People try to find any meaning even where they don't even smell. But nevertheless, the outlines of islands, continents, city districts give rise to different associations, thinks Ingrid Debringer. “When I look at the trees, I see faces, when I look at the fire, I see faces,” says the artist. One has only to peer at the curved lines for a longer time - and voila: both faces and figures become visible.

Original artwork by Ingrid Debringer: Philippines

Asymmetrical geographic objects suggest movement, formation, and strange poses of the characters make it possible to compose what story is behind the artist's original works.

Original artwork by Ingrid Debringer: New York subway map

Since schools will still have to change the maps of the world due to the declaration of independence of South Sudan, we know who will come in handy for irrelevant geographical waste. We only need acrylic paints to prove that the map of the world can be changed not only by great commanders, but also by humble artists with a developed imagination.

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