"Canine Dances" at Graeme Williams Beach
"Canine Dances" at Graeme Williams Beach

Graeme Williams (Graeme williams) is a South African photographer specializing in social photography. But, in the end, each person needs just rest, just food, not for the brain, but "for the soul." Something like this Grame explains his series of photographs "Two dogs".

The work to create this series did not require much effort on my part and took quite a bit of time. But today, oddly enough, this series is the best selling in comparison with the rest of my photographs.

Two dogs with their owner were relaxing on the beach in Pringle Bay, an hour's drive from Cape Town. From the very morning the dogs ran across the dunes, swam in the ocean and were very energetic until the evening. They seemed to be in perfect sync with each other, perfectly understanding each other's desires and thoughts. Their restless activity consisted of frantic chases one after another along the slopes of sand dunes, fishing in pools in the rocks, playing with vacationers.

This series of photographs was taken during two photo shoots at Pringle Bau during the Christmas period. The dogs interacted well with me, but very soon they got bored, and I tried to get their attention again, shaking sand from my fingers into the air, throwing various objects, whistling to take as many pictures of their amazing gymnastic jumps and overwhelming cheerfulness as dogs.

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