Dark Infernal Visions of Sharunas Sauka
Dark Infernal Visions of Sharunas Sauka

In the paintings of the Lithuanian artist Sharunasa Sauki everything is utterly naked - love and death, all kinds of inversions and pathologies intertwined together, being a kind of confirmation of the theory of the great Z. Freud, who saw his sight with age, about "Eros and Thanatos", stating that "a person is a creature whose basic instinct is not sex, but subconscious desire for death."

Sharunas Sauka 'HELL'

Close observation of Sh. Sauka's works creates an illusory-mystical atmosphere, like Lynch's "Twin Peaks" - a town where reality and dreams existed in one dimension.

Dark Infernal Visions of Sharunas Sauka

The artist's contemplative gaze pierces through and solemnly opens the picture of naked existence. Under his gaze, all facets collapse, definitions lose their meaning - is it a dream or reality, myth or reality, madness or inspiration ?! Both. The artist understands that he is offering us a dangerous game and very often looks himself with a timid and guilty look from his paintings. We are not given any other way out, as if he is telling us - only the naked is given to walk through the bottom of human experience (there is so much nudity in his paintings, brought to the anatomical and physiological level) and sacrifice himself as a sacrifice for irresponsible illusions and arrogance of the human race!

Sauka very often depicts a sacrifice, in detail and impressively shows scenes of hellish suffering, trying to prove that the only way to truth is through purgatory. It seems that the artist will remain there, waiting for a new decline in the consciousness of a modern person, preparing for a new reckoning with his work. And what does he offer us?

For everyone who stopped at his paintings, and who dared to think about them, the prospect of spiritual creativity opens up - this is an art that engenders spiritual freedom in us. Casting aside the deceitful beauty of everyday routine, we stumble upon a glimpse of blissful hope, or the horror of retribution …

Dark Infernal Visions of Sharunas Sauka

How many times did I not watch Sauka "live", so many times I left with a heavy heart. Meat and suspended animation. Even suffering is not visible in him, only an indifferent coma. Of course, it’s a stretch to talk about "Glimmer of Hope".

Talent? Without any doubt. For it attracts the eye and you simply cannot pass by. It doesn't hurt anyone. No one is afraid. No lust, no brutality. Indifference to oneself and to everyone.

"Dark infernal visions", "grammar of demonic stylization" are just some of the definitions used by Lithuanian publicist journalists when they write about Sarunas Sauk.

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