Exhibition "Starry Sky 2009"
Exhibition "Starry Sky 2009"

Exhibitions of contemporary art have become commonplace in the artistic life of Moscow. The names of projects and authors, galleries and urban areas are changing, and it seems to be very difficult to surprise a sophisticated viewer, but it is still possible. The beginning of a new direction in painting is demonstrated by the festival of contemporary art "Starry Sky 2009", which has chosen the site of an art gallery for its project the city of Reutov, a satellite of Moscow.

Why did the organizers of the Festival make such a choice, because everyone is trying to make themselves known with exhibitions in the center of the capital? The organizers chose a completely different path - looking for a new territory to implement their idea. For the second year in a row, "Starry Sky" has been held in the "space" city of Reutov, just a minute's drive from Moscow. The space of the gallery, as if created for this festival, where the works of young artists, whose original pictorial language, using the monumental canvas space as a platform, demonstrates new artistic forms of graffiti signs and guests of honor of the festival of painting masters, tireless inventors and experimenters, names that are already recognized and at the same time being out of any fashion. The exhibition curator Andrei Kolosov was able to gather in one space the masters of the classical avant-garde Alexander Sitnikov, Klara Golitsyna, Igor Snegur, Sergei Nekrasov and Viktor Kazarin with the best representatives of the new direction of visual arts, the art studio "Sky" and graffiti artists.

Graffiti artists "Starry Sky" from Moscow, the Moscow region and other cities of Russia are the elite of the graffiti subculture, whose task is no longer to randomly and meaninglessly paint on the walls of boilers, fences and garages, and participate in various competitions for chocolates or slippers. Everything here develops in a classic format. Canvas, stretcher and their tools - paint cans and buckets with rollers, marker sets and stencils. Fresh, energetic and active art of a good gallery level. The exhibition clearly shows a competently built connection between artists of different generations, the paintings do not just complement each other, we see a “living river” of art history. The works of the senior avant-garde artist of today's Russia, Klara Golitsyna, have something in common with the monumental canvases of the art studio "NEBO", and the expressive painting of the father of Russian post-suprematism, Viktor Kazarin, with no less expressive and in a good way "crazy" type, but at first glance abstract paintings of the same art group "SKY", and the work of the young artist Eremin Maxim. Entering the gallery you become a part of the greenhouse effect eco-installation, the hall is divided horizontally into two zones, “bandaged air”, artists as doctors “treat” the atmosphere, tightening the space of the hall with synthetic films - bandages. All attention is focused in the examination of paintings, objects, the audience themselves, the gaze sharpens and captures that concentrated invisible connection that exists between artists of different times and generations. The apotheosis of such a spiral unfolding along the walls becomes a five-meter, two-sided pictorial stele, as if piercing these bandages and leaving the viewer upward, into another space - the artosphere.Monumental portraits of the stele "Man and Woman" personify unity and love in the universe. There is a separate project “Self-portrait” at the festival, which has successfully fit into the festival program. Self-portraits of Klara Golitsyna, Sergei Nekrasov, KA are undoubtedly the general nodes of a portrait trellis measuring 3X2m, consisting of 18 author's paintings 50X40cm. The gallery of "heroes of 1812" comes to mind associatively. The goal of the "Self-portrait" project is to fix in a single space the reflection of the creative personality of today. In 2010, the organizers have planned and are already working on the third ARTNEBO festival. Well, let's see what else these tireless artillery conquerors come up with!

Festival blog: artnebo.livejournal.com

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