Natalya Arinbasarova - 72: Why a famous actress was once called a disgrace of the peoples of Central Asia
Natalya Arinbasarova - 72: Why a famous actress was once called a disgrace of the peoples of Central Asia
Actress Natalia Arinbasarova

On September 24, the famous theater and film actress Natalya Arinbasarova will be 72 years old. In the press, she is usually referred to as the ex-wife of director Andrei Konchalovsky and mother of Yegor Konchalovsky, but her biography had so many peaks and achievements that it would be more appropriate to talk about her as an independent creative unit. On account of her - about 70 roles in films, however, for some of them she had a chance to make excuses to her compatriots …

Parents of Natalia Arinbasarova

Natalia Arinbasarova was born in 1946 in Moscow into a military family. Her childhood and youth were spent in Central Asia. In Turkmenistan, she first saw the Swan Lake ballet in a movie, after which she decided that she would certainly become a ballerina. She entered the ballet school in Alma-Ata, and from there she was transferred to study in Moscow, at the Academic Choreographic School at the Bolshoi Theater.

Natalia Arinbasarova in her youth

Natalia always remembered her ballet past with warmth and pride: “”.

In her youth, Arinbasarova dreamed of becoming a ballerina

The ballet school tempered her character, and it came in handy when she started acting in films. The directors greatly appreciated the fact that Arinbasarova was not capricious and patiently endured even the longest shooting. Her film debut took place at the age of 18, when she was invited to the main role in Andrei Konchalovsky's diploma work "The First Teacher". The director himself became the first teacher for the aspiring actress, and later she said that it was this experience that became the key to her further successful film career.

Actress Natalia Arinbasarova

In one of the episodes, Arinbasarova was supposed to be shot naked. She immediately announced that she could not agree to this - an oriental girl, brought up in severity, could not afford this. Then, instead of her, a stunt double was invited, but the audience did not know that in this frame - in fact, she was not. And after the release of the film, angry letters from Central Asia rained down on Arinbasarova, in which compatriots accused her of disgracing her entire people.

Natalia Arinbasarova in the film The First Teacher, 1965

Later, the actress admitted: "".

Natalia Arinbasarova in the film The First Teacher, 1965

The first role brought fame to Arinbasarova not only in the USSR, but also abroad: in 1966, at the International Film Festival in Venice, she was awarded the main prize - the Volpi Golden Cup. After such a success, foreign directors became interested in the young actress, she was invited to shoot by the famous French director Francois Godard, but Arinbasarova was not released abroad. The first film became fateful for her not only in her creative life, but also in her personal life: during the filming, she signed with Konchalovsky, and soon they had a son, Yegor. This marriage lasted only 5 years: when the director decided to go abroad, Natalya refused to accompany him and stayed with her son in the USSR - at that time she was a sought-after actress and was going to continue her film career.

Andrey Konchalovsky and Natalia Arinbasarova Andrey Konchalovsky and Natalia Arinbasarova

After graduating from VGIK, Natalya Arinbasarova continued her film career. Films with her participation have often won prestigious film awards. Thus, "Transsiberian Express" received a special jury prize at the Yerevan All-Union Film Festival, and in 1978 it was watched by 24 million viewers. In 1980, she won the USSR State Prize for her role in the film "Taste of Bread", in 1994 - the prize for Best Actress in the film "Faint Heart" at the Geneva International Film Festival.

Actress with her second husband, Nikolai Dvigubsky, and children

The actress had three marriages.Some time after parting with Konchalovsky, she became the common-law wife of production artist Nikolai Dvigubsky. In this marriage, she had a daughter, Ekaterina, who later, like her older brother Yegor, also became a director. Arinbasarova lived with her husband for 10 years, after which in 1980 he also emigrated abroad.

Still from the film Trans-Siberian Express, 1977 Shot from the movie Visit to the Minotaur, 1987 Actress Natalia Arinbasarova

2 years later, the actress married the director of the films "Transsiberian Express" and "Visit to the Minotaur" Eldor Urazbayev. In the 1990s. due to the crisis in the cinema, unemployment and lack of money, their relationship deteriorated, and they parted. She managed to maintain good relations with all her ex-husbands - the actress did not tire of repeating that they were all very talented and interesting people who had something to learn from, and that she was grateful to them for the happiness shared with her.

Natalia Arinbasarova and Eldor Urazbayev

She is often asked questions about whether she considers herself happy. Natalia Arinbasarova answers this question with her usual wisdom: "".

Natalia Arinbasarova with her son and daughter Natalia Arinbasarova in the film Beautiful to death, 2013

Today she continues to act in films and leads an active lifestyle. "" - says the actress.

Actress Natalia Arinbasarova Actress in 2017

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