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Dead stars: Which of the famous artists passed away in 2019
Dead stars: Which of the famous artists passed away in 2019

2019 is coming to an end. And there was in him both the joy of victories and achievements, as well as loss. Many famous actors, directors, singers and musicians passed away in 2019, including those who ended an era in the art world. They are no longer among the living, but their names have already gone down in history and will forever remain in the people's memory …

Elina Bystritskaya

Elina Bystritskaya as Aksinya in the film Quiet Flows the Don, 1957

On April 26, 2019, at the age of 91, one of the brightest stars of Russian cinema, People's Artist of the USSR Elina Bystritskaya, passed away. She was named the most beautiful actress of the twentieth century. Although her filmography included only about 20 works and several television performances, her name managed to thunder throughout the country after the films "Unfinished Story", "Quiet Don", "Volunteers" in the 1950s.

One of the most beautiful actresses in Soviet cinema

She always had many fans, among whom were directors and high-ranking officials. But Bystritskaya was reputed to be an unapproachable beauty - they all received a categorical refusal. Many could not come to terms with this and took revenge for it, as a result of which for several years the actress was not allowed to travel abroad. Due to rumors about her quarrelsome and uncompromising character, the directors stopped offering her new roles, and the pause in her film career dragged on for 27 years. But those roles that Bystritskaya managed to play were enough to forever enter the history of Russian cinema.

People's Artist of the USSR Elina Bystritskaya

Sergey Yursky

Sergei Yursky as Ostap Bender in the film The Golden Calf, 1968

On February 8, the famous theater and film actor, People's Artist of the RSFSR Sergei Yursky died of cardiac arrest. At that time he was 83 years old. All-Union fame and love of the audience brought him the roles of Ostap Bender in The Golden Calf, Master Roche in the comedy detective Look for a Woman, Uncle Mitya in the film Love and Doves, perfumer Rene in the TV series Queen Margot.

Sergei Yursky in the film Love and Doves, 1984

Sergei Yursky made his film debut at 22, but wide popularity came to him at 33, after the role of Ostap Bender. He consolidated his success at the age of 49 in the film "Love and Doves", where, together with his wife Natalya Tenyakova, who at that time was only 40 years old, they played old men, so much so that their characters became no less striking than the main characters … In total, the actor played about 50 film roles, and in each of them a new facet of his extraordinary talent was revealed. In addition, Yursky was engaged in film scoring, directing in theater and cinema, wrote several scripts and 3 books. Until his last days, he went on tour and performed in performances.

Sergei Yursky in the TV series Queen Margot, 1996

Gemma Osmolovskaya

Gemma Osmolovskaya in the film Sleepless Night, 1960

On July 15, at the age of 81, the star of Soviet cinema of the late 1950s died. Gemma Osmolovskaya, known for the films "The Tale of First Love" and "The Street is Full of Surprises." Her creative take-off was very rapid, she began acting in films while still studying at the theater institute, but once on the set she met the star of the film "Soldier Ivan Brovkin" Leonid Kharitonov, married him, gave birth to a child and devoted herself to taking care of the family, actually putting an end to his film career. Although after maternity leave she tried to return to the cinema, she got only subtle episodes. The marriage, to which the actress sacrificed her professional success, turned out to be short and unhappy: after 7 years of marriage, Osmolovskaya left her husband, tired of fighting his drunkenness.

Leonid Kharitonov and Gemma Osmolovskaya in the film Street is full of surprises, 1957

At the age of 37, the actress married a second time, to the actor Pyotr Podyapolsky, with whom she lived until the end of her days. He helped her endure all the most terrible trials. In 2017Osmolovskaya was diagnosed with cancer, in the last 2 years of her life she had difficulty walking, weakened and lost weight. Former colleagues did not help her, because she had long left the theater, and in the world of cinema, the name of the star of the 1950s. was consigned to oblivion. Unfortunately, the disease was never overcome.

Gemma Osmolovskaya in the film Dedication to Love, 1994

Sergey Zakharov

People's Artist of Russia Sergei Zakharov

On February 13, at the age of 68, the famous singer and actor, People's Artist of Russia Sergei Zakharov died of heart failure. His fate took very sharp turns, he went from all-Union recognition to imprisonment and public censure. He only had one single role in the cinema, so that in 1976 his name thundered all over the country - all Soviet women were in love with his hero Fernand Champlatro in the film "Heavenly Swallows", and his unique timbre of voice could not be confused with anyone else others. It was impossible to get tickets for his concerts.

Sergei Zakharov in the film Heavenly Swallows, 1976

In 1977, there was a tragic incident that derailed the career of Sergei Zakharov. The artist was always very quick-tempered and was ready to defend his innocence with fists. Once, before a concert, the administrator refused to give him several passes for his friends, a fight ensued, after which there was a trial and a sentence to one year of imprisonment "for interrupting the official's activity." A whole campaign was launched against him in the press - on his example, they conducted a demonstration process of combating "star fever". After serving his sentence, Zakharov could not return to the stage for a long time, all copies of his records were withdrawn from sale. Due to creative lack of realization, the artist became addicted to alcohol. And only 10 years later, in 1986, his first solo concert took place in the capital. The singer was able to perform again, but by that time not a trace remained of his former popularity.

People's Artist of Russia Sergei Zakharov

Galina Volchek

Artistic director of the Sovremennik theater Galina Volchek, 2013

On December 26, a week after her 86th birthday, the famous actress, director, theatrical figure, artistic director of the Sovremennik Theater, People's Artist of the USSR Galina Volchek passed away. In theatrical circles, she was called the Iron Lady - in her work she was always strict and demanding, but no one doubted her professionalism. Her acting career did not last long - in the late 1950s. she appeared on the stage as an actress, but since the early 1960s. took up directing and since then has appeared on the screens extremely rarely.

Galina Volchek in her youth

In the cinema, Galina Volchek starred mainly in episodes. But she knew how to turn any of them into a real masterpiece - what are only her Wolf from "Little Red Riding Hood" and her friend Buzykina in "Autumn Marathon"! However, in the first place for her was always the theater, to which she devoted her whole life. Galina Volchek was married twice, but admitted that both marriages were doomed due to her total absorption in work. In recent years, she has suffered from severe spinal problems, which made it difficult to move. In December, Galina Volchek was hospitalized with pneumonia. A few days later she was gone.

Galina Volchek in the film Autumn Marathon, 1979 Artistic Director of the Sovremennik Theater Galina Volchek

She always tried to live for today: Iron Lady with a Big Heart Galina Volchek.

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