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Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde: Love That Helps You Live
Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde: Love That Helps You Live
Stephen and Jane Hawking

Love works wonders, makes you believe in incredible things and helps fight a terrible disease, contrary to the predictions of doctors. This happened with Stephen Hawking, a Briton whom the world knows as a talented theoretical physicist. His life turned out to be a continuous struggle, and if it were not for the boundless love of one fragile girl, perhaps the world would never have learned about the genius of our time.

Jane and Stephen: Meeting

Young and hopeful Jane and Stephen

Being a smart boy from childhood, Stephen achieved immense academic success at a young age and stood out noticeably among his peers. Huge opportunities opened up before him, and he looked brightly into his bright scientific future. By 1963, he was the author of an interesting theory explaining the "simple" appearance of the universe, and his opinion was supported by many established scientists. Around the same time, he meets Jane Wilde, the girl who was sent to him by fate.

Hawking wedding

It cannot be said that it was love at first sight, because it was difficult to call young Hawking a handsome man and girls usually do not like them. And yet, it was at the first meeting that a spark slipped between them. Very quickly, young people realized that they had a lot in common, despite the fact that the girl herself was far from science - she studied foreign literature at the university.

Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde

Passion for science Stephen described Jane in such a way that every scientific statement sounded in his words like an exciting journey into a new, unknown world. Jane understood Stephen perfectly, and very soon she fell in love with an awkward, angular guy with a face far from ideal.

Young Stephen's Terrible Sentence

A happy family

It so happened that it was this eventful and joyful period in his life that brought Stephen the worst news. At the age of 20, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Doctors predicted fast paralysis for Hawking and not more than two years of life. This broke the spirit of the young man, and he closed himself off from everyone, deciding that it was better for him to be alone. He also avoided Jane, who could not understand what was going on. And only after Stephen's friends revealed the truth to her, she found her beloved and never let him go again. It was at that meeting, when Stephen said that there was no point in doing anything, because he had so little left, Jane stubbornly stated: “We will fight and live together as long as we are allotted!”. The fragile and beautiful girl became a light of hope for the hopelessly ill Hawking and continued to shine for him for many subsequent years of their life together.

Steven and Jane's relationship

Stephen Hawking, Jane Wilde and their children

Soon the young people got married, and their marriage turned out to be happy. They traveled a lot at first, and Jane gave Hawking two sons. And Stephen, despite his illness, did not give up his scientific work and earned enough to support his family. By the way, even then it became clear that the doctors' predictions did not come true: although the disease progressed, its rates were very slow. Jane adored her husband, supported him in everything, looked after him and continued to love him sincerely and selflessly. It is difficult to imagine how this fragile girl coped with the role of a loving wife, an excellent mother, a successful housewife and a professional nurse at the same time.

With love through life

But as time went on, the constant domestic problems began to wear down Jane. She fell into depression, but with all her might she hid it from her husband. But Jane's condition was no secret to her mother.In order to somehow distract her daughter from the hardships of life, she invited her to do what she loved - singing in the church choir. And Jane followed her advice.

The appearance of Jonathan Jones

Jane Hawking and Jonathan Jones

In her singing lessons, Jane finds solace and becomes close to choir director Jonathan Jones. Soon the musician falls in love with a beautiful woman, but she shies away from intimacy with him, although she feels a clear attraction to him. Jonathan respects Jane's decision and becomes a family friend. He helps her with household chores and looks after Hawking. Very soon, the couple has a third child - daughter Lucy. And the mother even suspects that this is Jonathan's child. But Jane cuts off all the accusations of the mother, arguing that the baby cannot have any other father than Stephen. The musician hears their conversation and decides to die from the life of the Hawking couple. But seeing how hard the beloved has become without a musician, Stephen goes to him and asks him to return.


Stephen Hawking's second wedding

Jonathan's return coincided with the complication of Stephen's health, he is diagnosed with pneumonia, and given the scientist's disability, doctors suggest Jane to turn off the apparatus that supports her husband's life. But she firmly insists on treating Stephen, and then Hawking undergoes an operation, after which he will never speak again. To communicate with a genius, loved ones create a special apparatus for him, which turns the scientist's facial expressions and gestures into sounds. But Jane finds it increasingly difficult to cope with caring for her husband and then the decision is made to hire a nurse.

Elaine Jane and Stephen Hawking

So in Hawking's life, Elaine Jane appears, who wins his love, and he lets his former wife go to Jones. In 1995, the Hawkins officially divorced, and Stephen marries Elaine. But the second wife, after the wedding, begins to mock her husband, and their marriage broke up in 2006. Amazingly, despite the terrible attitude of his second wife, Hawking never spoke badly of her. Apparently, his boundless optimism is evident. After all, as Stephen himself admitted: "No matter how difficult our life is, while it is, there is hope." Jane was the only hope for him. The woman who managed to return Hawking's faith and strength to fight, and also made him a loving father and a happy husband.

"No matter how hard our life is, as long as it is, there is hope."


Life goes on. Feeling of lightness…

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