What is known about young actor Timothy Shalam, who will play Bob Dylan in the new Hollywood biopic
What is known about young actor Timothy Shalam, who will play Bob Dylan in the new Hollywood biopic

Bob Dylan: poet, musician, actor, director and writer. There is simply no end to his genius hypostases! A man who has been setting the tone in folk and rock music for more than half a century, the author of hits that have not lost their relevance for decades! Probably one of the brightest figures in the music world. Who else, if not he, deserved to have Hollywood made a biopic about him? Robert Allen Zimmerman is Bob Dylan's real name. He was born on May 24, 1941 in the city of Duluth (Minnesota, USA). His father's ancestors were Jewish immigrants from Odessa, and on the mother's side were immigrants from Lithuania. Bob has been interested in music since childhood, it was impossible to tear him away from the radio. The boy eagerly absorbed the creativity of blues and folk performers. These styles especially attracted him.

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez perform the song together

Dylan started learning musical instruments early. He wrote beautiful poetry and tried to perform songs on stage - a rare school concert did without Bob. While still in school, Dylan performed with the group in various bars and clubs. Music fascinated Bob so much that he dropped out of university and decided to devote himself entirely to his beloved work. And he did not lose. The musician released his debut album in 1962. The record had some success. In 1964, the musician released two whole albums at once. He becomes very popular, he is recognized on the streets, tickets for his concerts are sold like hot cakes. Dylan became world famous after his historic performance at the Newport Folk Festival on July 25, 1965.

The musician constantly experimented with different styles

The young ambitious musician decided to diversify what he thought was boring acoustic show. Now it seems completely harmless, but at that time what Bob did was a real explosion in society and shocked the popular purists to the core. Dylan was considered a prophet of acoustics. But he broke the whole course of musical history by playing his guitar on the stage of the festival. It was like a volcanic eruption!

Bob Dylan now

The audience simply roared with mixed feelings. After that, Dylan left the stage, performing only three songs. The crowd screamed louder than ever, some out of anger at seeing Bob as a traitor to the folk, others out of annoyance that the show had ended so quickly. The musician had to give in and, having borrowed an acoustic guitar, he went out and performed “It's all over, baby blue…” soulfully.

Young Bob Dylan in the studio at work

Later in his musical career, Bob continued to experiment endlessly. There was no style he hadn't tried. Yes, it was not always received with a bang by Dylan's fans, but as a real Artist it did not stop him. In 1979, the musician released a very iconic album "Slow Train Coming", where he acts as a fierce opponent of pornography and prostitution. Bob Dylan wanted to convey Christian values ​​to the public, the public, as usual, did not appreciate - the disc came out as a failure. Dylan was not too disappointed - he went on a big concert tour. To this day, the musician, despite his considerable age and serious health problems, continues to give concerts and collect full houses.

Timothy Chalamet on the Set of Little Women

The most famous, practically, cult compositions of Dylan: Knockin 'on Heaven's Door, Blowin' in the Wind, Things Have Changed, All along the watchtower, Like a Rolling Stone, are probably known to every music lover. Bob Dylan's secret is simple - amazing melody and clever, deep lyrics. In 2016, Dylan received the Nobel Prize in Literature.Thus, Bob's contribution to the development of the traditions of poetry and songwriting in the United States was noted. The funniest thing was that the musician slept through the news of the award, tired after the concert.

The legendary musician slept through the Nobel Prize ceremony as he was very tired after the concert

It is not surprising that the idea of ​​making a biographical film about the legendary musician was visited by Hollywood producers. The film, tentatively titled "Going Electric", is a tale of how Dylan made folk rock folk-rock. The role of Dylan will be played by a young, incredibly talented actor - Timothy Chalamet.

Timothy Chalamet looks very much like Bob Dylan of the 60s

Over the past year, actor Timothy Chalamet has become a real phenomenon and property of Hollywood. It seems that Timothy became famous overnight, but this is not entirely true. Even, rather, it is completely wrong. This is not an accident, but a well-deserved recognition for a job well done. Chalamet started small - he starred in commercials, played small roles in performances, then serials went. The actor graduated from the LaGuardia High School of the Arts.

Timothy Chalamet as Henry V in the Netflix TV series The King

He constantly went to all kinds of auditions, never tired of hearing from the directors careless refusals. Success came to Timothy after the painting "Call Me by Your Names" in 2017. Thanks to his role in this film, Chalamet became a nominee for the most prestigious film award "Oscar", the youngest in the history of this competition. After that, Timothy successfully starred in several films, each of which is in the center of public attention. Timothy Chalamet is not just a popular attractive boy. Its depth and content, honesty and thoughtfulness, multiplied by nymph-like antique beauty, make it unique in its kind.

Timothy Chalamet is not only a handsome boy

As for the movie about Bob Dylan, Shalam is no stranger to playing iconic historical figures. In the Netflix series The King, he took on the mantle of Henry V, putting Timothy on a par with the likes of Laurence Olivier. In the latest film "Little Women" Timothy played one of the main roles. The film has already been favored by critics and is nominated for many prestigious film awards.

Timothy is known to be taking guitar lessons for the upcoming filming

Negotiations are underway with the actor regarding participation in "Going Electric", but it is already known that he is taking guitar lessons. Other famous musicians of the sixties of the last century will also appear in the film. The producers have not yet revealed who will play their roles. As for the content of the upcoming film "Going Electric", the plot is based on Elijah Wald's book "Bob Dylan's Transition to Electric Sound." Jay Cox will write the screenplay for the film Gangs of New York and The Age of Innocence.”Going Electric promises to be a powerful spectacle. A talented person is talented in everything: read about another facet of the legendary musician's talent in our article Bob Dylan - painter.Based on materials

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