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10 little-known and tragic facts about the faithful companion of the Fuhrer Eva Braun
10 little-known and tragic facts about the faithful companion of the Fuhrer Eva Braun
Eva Braun is a faithful companion of the Fuhrer

On April 30, 1945, in a Berlin underground bunker, which was approached by the troops of the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler and his newly-made wife (the couple officially married on April 29, 1945) committed suicide. Much is known about Hitler today, while the woman who selflessly loved this terrible dictator remains in the shadows. In our review, little-known facts about Eva Braun.

1. Eve really loved Hitler

Adolf Hitler is Eva Braun's only love

Today historians argue quite a lot about who really belonged to the heart of Eva Braun. When a 17-year-old girl decides to link her life with a 40-year-old man, many accuse her of materialistic considerations. But for Eve, it was true love. When she met Hitler, he was not yet the same Fuhrer. It was 1930, Hitler was just beginning his path to power.

Eve was introduced to Hitler as "Mr. Wolfe." They immediately felt mutual sympathy. Hitler took Eve to the movies, restaurants, the opera … until the bastion fell.

2. Hitler was in love with another

Geli Raubal and Adolf Hitler

When Eve and Adolf met, Hitler lived with another woman - Geli Raubalwho, by the way, was his niece. They said that Hitler loved her very much, but Geli did not reciprocate. In September 1931, she announced that she was leaving for Vienna to marry another man. This infuriated Hitler. And the next day Geli was found dead with a gunshot wound. Geli's place was taken by Eva Braun.

Interesting fact: in Hitler's life there were romantic relationships with eight different women, each of them attempted suicide (at least once).

3. Eva Braun is a victim of constant love affairs

Eva Braun is a victim of constant love affairs

Hitler was a real punishment for the women who loved him. The Fuhrer was very loving and constantly cheated on Eve. One of his most famous novels was an affair with Renata Müller, one of the brightest stars of pre-war cinema in Germany. In 1937, Renata repeated the fate of all Hitler's mistresses: she committed suicide by jumping out of the window.

4. Eva Braun shot herself

Eva Braun is a woman who tried to commit suicide

Eva Braun did not belong to that cohort of women who are satisfied with an open relationship. Therefore, Hitler's constant betrayal plunged her into depression. One day she took her father's pistol and decided to shoot herself in the heart. But fortunately, the girl was not very familiar with anatomy, and did not have an exact idea of ​​where the heart was.

When, after the shot, Eva realized that she was still alive, she called Hitler's personal doctor so that her lover would know exactly what happened to her. The plan worked - Adolf immediately came to the hospital with flowers and oaths of allegiance.

5. Hitler hid his relationship with Brown

Eve and Adolf

For a long time Hitler carefully concealed his relationship with Eva Braun. When friends came to him, he hid Eve from prying eyes in a separate room next to the bedroom. When the girl came to his house, he insisted that she enter the house through the back door. For Eve, this was a real humiliation, and she often cried because of this. Later, Hitler introduced Eve to his acquaintances and colleagues as a "personal secretary" in order to somehow justify her presence nearby.

6. Eva Braun and sleeping pills

Eva Braun is Hitler's lady suffering from infidelity

In 1935, Eva Braun received no news from Hitler for three months. Upon learning that at this time he was with another passion, Eva realized that even an attempt to shoot herself did not give the desired result - Adolf did not change at all.After that, she decided to leave this life and took 35 sleeping pills. And again, the suicide failed (she was saved by her sister Ilsa, who had returned home earlier). And again Hitler appeared in her house with flowers, asking for forgiveness and promising to buy Eve a house.

7. Third extra

Angela Raubal and Adolf Hitler

In the life of Eva Braun, after attempting suicide with sleeping pills, practically nothing has changed. Another problem in the couple's relationship was that Angela Raubal, the mother of his first love Geli, lived in Hitler's house. All this time, the woman was daily faced with a man "who drove her daughter to suicide" (naturally, he considered Eva Braun to blame for everything). Angela Raubal hated Eva Braun and did not even try to hide her contempt for her. Only when Hitler faced the risk of the death of another mistress, he evicted Angela Raubal from the house.

8. Eva Braun stayed with Hitler until the end

Together until the end

Back in 1943, when it became clear that a turning point in the war had come, and the victory of Germany was no longer obvious, Henrietta von Schirach, the wife of the head of the youth Reich, tried to persuade Eve to leave Germany, but she turned out to be. And even when the Soviet troops went to Berlin, Eva did not change her mind. It is known that in 1944 she left a will in which she wrote that she would commit suicide if Hitler died.

9. Hitler shot Eva Braun's son-in-law

Herman Fegelein

Eva Braun had only a few hours to live when tragedy struck. Hitler ordered that Eva's son-in-law Hermann Fegelein be brought to him (when he married Eva's sister, Hitler was a witness). When Fegelein was found, it turned out that he was drunk, carrying a suitcase filled with valuables looted in Berlin, and was about to flee Germany. But he chose a bad day to defect - not long before that, Himmler betrayed Hitler, trying to conclude a treaty with the Allies behind the Fuhrer's back. Unsurprisingly, Hitler was furious and ordered the execution of Fegelein on the spot.

10. Hitler was the first to poison his dog

Adolph, Eve and Blondie

They say that in the bunker, besides Hitler and Eve, there was a favorite dog of the Fuhrer named Blondie. It is worth noting that Eva did not tolerate this dog, since Hitler paid more attention to the Blondie than to her. When the couple decided to commit suicide, Hitler gave the first cyanide capsule to Blondie to make sure the poison would work. When the dog died, a mournful cry escaped Hitler's chest. After that, Eva took the cyanide capsule. The Fuhrer endured her death stoically.

Especially for those of our readers who are interested in this topic, photo from the personal archive of Eva Braun - the woman who was the Führer's wife one day.

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