Survival Run: Festival of Saint Fermin in Spain
Survival Run: Festival of Saint Fermin in Spain
Ensierro - mass bull run at the Festival of Saint Fermin in Spain

Festival of Saint Fermin Is one of the visiting cards of Spain. We have previously written about this 9-day action, during which the world famous bull run takes place through the streets of Pamplona. The festival takes place at the beginning of July, this year thousands of tourists from all over the world came to the festival.

Tourists from all over the world come to the Festival of Saint Fermin in Spain

The festival got its name in honor of the Spanish bishop who saved the city from the plague in the 13th century. The religious holiday eventually developed into a real folk festivities, during which local residents not only arrange a bull run, but also organize a colorful carnival and chic fireworks.

During the Festival of Saint Fermins, the city of Pamplona turns into a real masquerade

Traditionally, the holiday starts on July 6, when at noon a flare is fired from the balcony of the city hall, and the city councilor in Spanish and Basque proclaims the praise of Saint Fermin. Immediately, the locals take out the stored champagne bottles and start pouring water over each other! From that moment on, an atmosphere of fun and joy reigns in the city: concerts and impromptu performances are held everywhere, a traditional fair is held on the central square, where you can find many souvenirs, and in the evening the sky is illuminated by flashes of fireworks, and parades of masks take place along the streets. The overcrowded hotels in Pamplona cannot withstand the influx of tourists - and the celebrants have to spend the night right on the streets. The next day, a solemn procession takes place with the statue of Saint-Fermin, in honor of him a religious mass is served.

Many residents watch the ensierro from the balconies of their homes

The highlight of the festival is, of course, an event called the "ensierro", a massive bull run. Hundreds of daredevils take part in this dangerous entertainment every year, although often it does not do without injuries and even deaths. The only "weapon" of those who decided to compete in speed and resourcefulness with the bull is the newspaper, which each of them squeezes in his hand. It is with the help of it that you can try to distract the bull if he is aiming at one of the comrades, and while the animal turns in the other direction, you can have time to escape. After the ensierro, all the bulls take part in the evening bullfight, which lasts several hours. And so it happens on each of the nine days of the celebration.

After the ensierro, the bulls take part in a bullfight

Of course, Spain is not the only country where they know how to tame bulls. On the site we have already written about bullfighting in Mexican, as well as about Jallikattu, a bullfight in the Indian manner!

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