The most famous living Barbies: pursuit of the ideal, PR or mental disorder?
The most famous living Barbies: pursuit of the ideal, PR or mental disorder?
Odessa Barbie Valeria Lukyanova

There have always been many scandals associated with the world's most popular doll. One of them is the formation of false ideas about the standards of beauty, which occurs in girls from childhood. Some of them are so addicted to the game that they themselves try to become like their favorite doll. This is called "Barbie syndrome". His most famous victims are live barbies - further in the review.

Odessa Barbie Valeria Lukyanova

Barbie dolls are sold in more than 150 countries around the world. According to statistics, every American girl between the ages of 3 and 11 has 8 Barbies. This doll is sold worldwide with a frequency of 1 to 8 seconds. The scale of its expansion is difficult to imagine. Of course, favorite games cannot but influence the formation of beauty stereotypes in children. Growing up, they strive to get closer to the ideal.

American Barbie Cindy Jackson

Doctors criticize Barbie for the "wrong" figure. In real life, the figure of a doll is anatomically impossible. A girl with such proportions would have to walk on all fours, and she would not be able to lift anything: a 45-centimeter waist leaves no room for the liver and intestines, 21-centimeter feet do not allow movement, and a thin neck would not support the weight of a too large head. But in different countries of the world there are girls and adult women who, by their own example, try to refute the arguments of scientists.

Record holder for the number of plastic surgeries Cindy Jackson

Of course, in order to achieve maximum similarity, you have to go for plastic surgery. Sometimes their number makes you think about the mental health of the revived Barbie. So, for example, American Cindy Jackson has performed 52 plastic surgeries in her 60 years (a record recorded in the Guinness Book of Records), including breast augmentation, removal of two lower ribs, reshaping of the nose, chin, eye cut, repeated liposuction and injections botox.

Record holder for the number of plastic surgeries Cindy Jackson Cindy Jackson before and after operations

It all started back in the 1970s, there are several versions of why she decided to resort to the help of surgeons. According to one of them, the girl caught her boyfriend indulging in a Barbie doll, according to the other, Cindy was depressed after her fiance left her. Now the American lives in London, runs a network of plastic surgery clinics, and has published the book "Living Barbie".

British Barbie Sara Burge British Barbie Sara Burge

Sarah Burge is already over 50, but she still tries to be like Barbie. The woman leads a shocking lifestyle and even now does not hesitate to pose for a photo in a swimsuit. Sarah Burge is the owner of a strip club and author of erotic novels. She gives her daughters certificates for plastic surgery. She herself resorted to the help of surgeons 26 times, spending 500 thousand dollars on operations. Her behavior often causes a storm of indignation in society - she allowed her daughter at the age of 16 to give herself an injection of Botox.

Sara Burge with her daughter Sara Burge with her daughter

Girls who look like Barbies are often invited to all kinds of talk shows, their photos end up on the pages of newspapers. For many beauties thirsty for fame, this has become the only PR method. Modern young Barbies dream of making money from their unusual appearance and becoming famous all over the world. One of them almost succeeded. The name of Valeria Lukyanova from Odessa is already widely known.

Odessa Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Valeria Lukyanova - the owner of a puppet appearance

In her numerous interviews, Valeria states that she has done plastic surgery only once, but this information raises great doubts.The manner of dressing, makeup, enlarging contact lenses, false eyelashes - all this helps Lera to be as much like a Barbie as possible. Well, she really does it.

Valeria Lukyanova

Karina Barbie calls herself another victim of the famous doll. Her popularity is limited to the borders of Russia, she awarded herself the title of "Barbie", according to fashion critics - undeservedly. She periodically appears on television and fashion events, sings, participates in photo shoots - in general, she tries all PR methods.

Karina Barbie The girl looks like a Barbie doll - according to Karina herself Karina Barbie

Despite the negative reaction of society, doll fashion does not work. Everyone has different ideas about beauty, but in this case it would be worth talking first of all about the harm to health from numerous plastic surgeries and endless diets. And there is nothing reprehensible in experimenting with clothes and makeup. At least he thinks so American Kotakochi - a revived Barbie doll

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