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Uncensored: highly social caricatures of modern realities
Uncensored: highly social caricatures of modern realities
Sharp social cartoons of modern realities

Spanish artist Luis Quiles (Luis quiles) draws cartoons on acute social topics. Its subjects are the darkest aspects of modern society, be it violence, censorship, corruption. Many drawings can cause frank disgust, but no one will remain indifferent.

Dependence on public opinion

Girls are ready to do anything to get "Like"


Ineradicable corruption

Correcting public opinion

Everyone should think the same way

Modern venal medicine

If you don’t give up the money, they will not begin to heal

Manipulation of children for their own purposes

Children are just puppets in the hands of adults

A Visual Model of Capitalist Society

Business sharks eat smaller fish

The so-called "freedom of speech"

Journalism must always be under control

Model of "home" relationship between a man and a woman

Model of "home" relationships between men and women

Excessive advertising

Behind all the advertising marks, the athlete himself is not visible


To get a girl to eat a hamburger, you need to force it into her mouth

Social media victim

Victim of social media resources

Cartoons of another illustrator Pavel Kuchinsky provoke heated discussions among social media users. networks. 10 topical satirical cartoons make us perceive everything that happens in the world differently.

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