Zombie Apocalypse: Silent People Along the Road in Finland
Zombie Apocalypse: Silent People Along the Road in Finland
Silent people

Drivers driving along highway number 5, 30 kilometers from the Finnish town of Suomussalmi, are faced with an absolutely amazing view, from which frost can creep through their skin. Especially early in the morning, when, from behind the silently standing figures along the road, it seems that these are really real, but very creepy people. Or maybe even zombies …

Hiljainen kansa Installation in the north-east of Finland

In fact, these are, of course, not people, but an art installation by local artist Reijo Kela. This work is called "Silent People" ("Hiljainen kansa" in Finnish), and for the first time it was presented back in 1988 on a field in Lassila, near Helsinki. Later, in 1994, she exhibited in the center of the capital on Senate Square, and later moved to where she is now.

The work of Rayyo Kela Morning along the highway

It is logical that passing such a strange "exhibition of garden scarecrows", people ask the question "So what was it?" But Reiyo Kela, as befits a contemporary artist, leaves the audience to decide on the interpretation. So some people decide that this is a kind of psychological trick to make people get scared and interested in the unknown and incomprehensible; others believe it should be a reminder of people who are gone and forgotten. The most popular version is that the "Silent People" represent those who died in a fierce battle during the Finnish War. And Reiyo Kela himself does not confirm anything, but does not refute either. A cunning contemporary artist.

Reiyo Kela updates the stuffed animal's clothes twice a year The artist takes new clothes for silent people in a second-hand shop Unusual installation along a highway in Finland

Another artist provocateur in Finland is Jiri geller… His sculptures can be seen in museums of modern art, and they are interesting because they radically change the attitude towards them, if you know their name.

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