Angel-like beauties: How do albino sisters from Kazakhstan live?
Angel-like beauties: How do albino sisters from Kazakhstan live?

Two porcelain dolls with an angelic appearance - sisters Asel and Kamila Kalaganov. There would be nothing particularly unusual in their appearance for Russian latitudes. Beautiful girls, and nothing more. But the girls were born in Kazakhstan, where their appearance, well, is very striking. How is life for two unusual little Kazakh women, does their extraordinary beauty help them or does it hinder?

Depending on which part of the world we are talking about, the probability of having a child with albinism ranges from 1 in 3,000 to 1 in 20,000. The statistics froze on the Kalaganov sisters in shock - they were born in the same family, with a difference of 12 years and they both are albinos! Little Kamila is only two years old, and Asel is a teenager, she is 14 years old. The most curious thing is that they are not the only children in the family, they have a brother. Aldiyar is eight years old. His appearance is quite common for a Kazakh boy.

It was hard for Aldiyar to come to terms with the fact that he was completely different from his sisters

In their native Kazakhstan, people who meet Asel and Kamila are always very surprised. When they say that girls are albinos, people are even more surprised. Many simply have no idea what albinism is. The girls' mother, Ayman Sarkitov, was simply amazed to see the daughter she brought to this world. The doctors did not expect this either and could not believe that the father of the child was an ethnic Kazakh, they were convinced that he was Russian.

As a child, Asel was often mistaken for a doll

The thing is that it is almost impossible to meet albinos in Kazakhstan. There are very few of them. Therefore, the reaction of local residents to an albino child is understandable. Asel's mother says that the girl was often mistaken for a doll. Once in general, there was a curious incident.

Even doctors found it hard to believe that the father of the children was an ethnic Kazakh

Grandfather, father-in-law Ayman, went to the kindergarten for the eldest girl. On the way, they met a Russian woman. She was elderly. Seeing Asel, she went up to her grandfather and said that she had an only son, had been married for a long time, but still had no children. Grandma blurted out: “Why do you need a Russian granddaughter, give her to me. My son and wife will adopt her, and in return I will give you my three-room apartment”.

Father-in-law Asel once received an offer to change his granddaughter for an apartment

Asel was very complex at one time because of her appearance. It took her some time to understand what exactly is in this uniqueness of her zest. That is the main thing that distinguishes her from everyone else. And this is not bad at all, but very good. The girl has a lot of fans in all corners of the planet. After all, the girl is a real star of the social network Instagram. She has 33,000 subscribers. Friends and fans every day tell Asel how beautiful she is.

Asel willingly shares with subscribers joint photos with her sister Kamila

The sisters became famous after a local publication wrote an article about them. The girls became interested, they began to view their materials on Instagram, where the elder publishes her and Camila's photos. People started subscribing to their news.

Asel dreams of making a career as a model

Subscribers never cease to admire the unusual beauty of Asel and Kamila. What epithets are they just not awarded! They are called both "angels in the flesh", and "snow white", and "porcelain dolls". Most often, fans compare them to fairy-tale fairies.

Girls are like characters from a fairy tale

Parents of girls are already accustomed to the unique appearance of their children, and to the increased attention. But at the very beginning it was very difficult for them. It's even scary to imagine what tests Ayman and her husband had to go through. How many gossip, conjectures and whispers behind your back!

Asel starred a lot in various photo shoots as a model

The husband and wife themselves did not know about this phenomenon. They had to start studying it. I had to delve into the history of my own families - after all, this is a hereditary phenomenon.Ayman, as it turned out, had albino relatives. When Asel was ten, her modeling career began. She takes part in numerous photo shoots. The girl even has an offer to star in a music video. Now she is filming with her younger sister. Asel is simply raving about the profession of a model. The girl took part in a fashion show in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan. She recently completed modeling courses.

The parents of Asel and Kamila had to study the essence of the phenomenon of albinism

Unfortunately, albinism has a downside. It is not so pleasant and rosy. According to the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation, it is extremely important for albinos to avoid direct sunlight. They have in their bodies the pigment melanin in such a scanty amount that we can say that it simply does not exist.

Unfortunately, albinism also has negative sides

The sisters have to get used to the fact that in the daytime they cannot go outside without a headdress. In addition, the skin must be protected from sunburn. After all, the consequences of a frivolous attitude to this fact can be severe sunburn. Kazakhstan is a hot, sunny country and girls need to spend most of the day indoors. It is better to walk in general after sunset.

Now Asel is attending a school for ordinary children

Among other things, the Kalaganov sisters have poor eyesight. In order for it not to get worse, they are forced to take special vitamins. To protect their weak eyes, girls often wear dark glasses. When Asel was younger, she attended a special school for visually impaired children. After a couple of years there, she has completely adapted to these difficulties and is now studying in a regular school. Ayman says that the girl studies not only on a par with other children, but is also very successful in her studies.

Asel is grateful to her family and friends for their support in overcoming life's difficulties

Asel herself says about herself like this: “I have already completely resigned myself to all the shortcomings. Now I have a very positive attitude to these difficulties. They build my character. " Albinos are no different from other people. Only the color of the skin, hair, eyelashes. At first, children in a regular school constantly looked at Asel as a local wonder of the world. Now everyone is used to it. Nobody pokes a finger anymore.

When Kamila was born, it took a lot of effort for Aldiyar to accept the fact that he was not like them

The brother of Asel and Kamila, Aldiyar, at first bombarded his parents with questions why the older sister was not like him. After all, he is completely similar to his father - a real Kazakh. When Kamila was born, Aldiyar simply refused to accept the fact that these girls were his own sisters.

As it turned out, albinos were born in the Ayman family

It took Ayman a lot of effort, time and patience to not only explain to Aldiyar the meaning of the phenomenon of albinism, but also to teach his son to accept his sisters as they are. Now the boy sees his family as a whole. He is infinitely proud of his sisters and brags to everyone how beautiful and unique they are.

A friendly loving family of the Kalaganovs

The Kalaganov family plans to move to the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan. In addition to the fact that there are many more opportunities for building a career for their daughter in the modeling business, there is also a more temperate climate. Aktau, the city where they live now, is too hot and sunny. After all, girls need to be protected from bright sunlight. Now Asel is already in the eighth grade. She is a great student. In addition to her modeling career, the girl dreams of higher education. She wants to become a journalist.

Ayman with his daughters Asel and Kamila

In an interview with one of the publications, Asel said: “I really want to become a successful model and do journalism. But first of all, I dream of my family being healthy and happy. I am very happy with my life. I have everything you can dream of: a loving and beloved family, friends. A huge number of people support me.”We can only wish the unusual girls every success. Grow up healthy, happy and always delight your parents.

The family plans to move to the capital of Kazakhstan

As can be seen from the history of the Kalaganov sisters, in the 21st century albinism evokes, in addition to quite understandable curiosity, admiration. And what was the situation with the attitude to this phenomenon in the 19th century, read in our article the history of 19th century albinos caught in the photographer's lens.

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