Drawing by medieval Chinese artist sold for nearly $ 60 million
Drawing by medieval Chinese artist sold for nearly $ 60 million
Drawing by medieval Chinese artist sold for nearly $ 60 million

On the website of the international auction house Christie’s information appeared that on Monday at the auction held in Hong Kong, a scroll with a picture was sold. The buyer paid HK $ 463 million for the artwork, which is equivalent to US $ 59 million.

The value of this pictured scroll is that it was created by a renowned Chinese artist named Su Shi, who lived in 1037-1101. This work was put up for auction under the title "Stone and Wood". The specialists working in the auction house called this piece of art one of the most important, created by Chinese masters, who ever took part in the auction. The scroll, which is more than a thousand years old, depicts a bizarre stone, sprouts of grass and a tree with no leaves.

In addition to the drawing itself, you can see seals in the drawings that tell that this work of art has managed to be the property of 41 collectors. On it you can also see the comments that poets decided to leave to this drawing of a medieval artist. The presence of the seals and the comments of the four poets are proof that the lot is genuine. They can be used to trace the path of the drawing on the scroll for several hundred years. In 1937, the scroll was acquired by a Japanese family, where it has been kept until now.

Before the scroll was put up for auction, the specialists of the auction house evaluated it. In their opinion, the lot was worth HK $ 400 million. So, the bidding can be called quite successful. It is worth noting that the work of Su Shi failed to break the record of another Chinese artist named Zhao Wuji, whose painting was sold in September this year for $ 65.2 million. This work is called "June-October 1985" and it was also sold in Hong Kong.

Su Shi did a lot for Chinese culture during his lifetime. Therefore, he is very often compared to Leonardo da Vinci. Unfortunately, very few works of this artist have survived to our times, one of them was sold at auction, the second surviving creation is kept in a museum located on the island of Taiwan.

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