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"About Russia with Love": Photos about peaceful life in the USSR, taken by a German who was in Soviet captivity
"About Russia with Love": Photos about peaceful life in the USSR, taken by a German who was in Soviet captivity
Photos from the everyday life of Soviet people

Ervin Volkov (1920-2003) was the son of a German who, during the First World War, was captured by Russia and married to a Petersburg woman, Nadezhda Volkova. Erwin had to repeat the fate of his father - in 1942 he was already captured by the Soviet Union and spent 6 years in the USSR. After that, the journalist and photographer was sent to the GDR, where he worked in the press. Later Erwin returned to the USSR and filmed the report “About Russia with Love”.

Ervin Volkov - traveler, journalist and photographers performing the assignment of the East German newspaper "Wochenpost", visited Murmansk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Irkutsk Region, Baikal, the Far East, the entire Volga, the North Caucasus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, the Black Sea coast from Adler to Novorossiysk, in the Crimea, Ukraine and Belarus.

1. Commemorative photo in stone

Photo session on a stone pedestal. Murmansk, 1957

Every week he sent reports to the editor about different parts of the country. He replenished the archive of his photographs when he returned to the USSR in 1961, 1965 and 1967.

2. River walks along the Neva have become one of the favorite entertainments of tourists

Water excursion along the rivers and canals of Leningrad, 1950

There is not a drop of irony, no caricature, no political overtones in these photos. Rather, it is a genre of classic street photography. That is why the relaxedness and freedom in the choice of subjects are so striking.

3. A place where you can relax in the shade of trees

Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Maxim Gorky. Author: Ervin Volkov, 1961

4. Passengers on the lower deck

Ferry crossing the Volga, 1950

5. Hidden filming

Expected activities. USSR, Moscow, 1965

6. Watering the streets and sidewalks of Kiev

Twice a day, the City Council established watering of sidewalks, paving stones, boulevards, squares and squares

7. Childhood in the USSR

Golden childhood. USSR, Norilsk, 1965

8. Not far from the Chirkei reservoir

Serpentine. Caucasus, 1967

9. Rest on Lake Seliger, 1950

One of the most beautiful lakes in Russia

10. Street Vending

Leninsky prospect. Moscow, 1967

11. Walk along the embankment

Works by Russian-German photographer Erwin Volkov. USSR, Leningrad, 1950

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