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Irina Kupchenko - 73: How the actress made the wrong door and became Konchalovsky's muse
Irina Kupchenko - 73: How the actress made the wrong door and became Konchalovsky's muse

On March 1, the famous theater and film actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR Irina Kupchenko turns 73. This time, for the first time in many years, she will meet her birthday without her husband - a month ago Vasily Lanovoy passed away. Recently, the actress rarely appears in public and refuses to be interviewed - she generally does not like talking about herself and revealing her secrets. The audience can learn about what kind of actress is behind the scenes only from her acquaintances and from the directors who worked with her. The first of them was Andrei Konchalovsky, who lit the star of the actress.

Childhood dreams and adult difficulties

Actress in her youth

In fact, Irina Kupchenko was born on February 29, but the documents recorded March 1 so that the birthday could be celebrated annually, and not once every four years. Irina considered Kiev her hometown - she spent her childhood and youth there, although she was born in Vienna, where her military father served in 1948. During her school years, Kupchenko studied dancing and dreamed of ballet. This dream had to be abandoned due to being too tall - 175 cm. For this reason, she developed complexes, the girl began to slouch and wear low-heeled shoes.

Actress in her youth

High growth was not a hindrance in other circles in the Palace of Pioneers - theater and cameramen, and Irina began to study there. She confirmed her desire to become an actress after seeing the performance of the Theater. E. Vakhtangov, who came to Kiev on tour. Kupchenko decided at all costs to be on the stage of the same theater, so she wanted to enter the Shchukin school. But the parents were against the choice of a "frivolous profession" and insisted on her admission to the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of Kiev University. T. Shevchenko.

Actress in her youth

There Kupchenko studied for only a year - in 1966 her father passed away, followed by her grandparents, and Irina and her mother decided to move to relatives in Moscow. Fate turned out so that she finally managed to fulfill her dream and go where she dreamed - at the Shchukin school.

Fateful meeting with Andrey Konchalovsky

Irina Kupchenko as Liza Kalitina in the film Noble Nest, 1969

Irina Kupchenko has repeatedly said that in the acting profession, not everything is decided by talent - 50 percent depends on a happy chance. Even the most talented actors often do not get roles in which they could fully reveal themselves if they do not meet “their” directors. In this regard, she was very lucky - for the first time, viewers saw Kupchenko on the screens as Andrei Konchalovsky himself imagined her. And it happened thanks to a lucky chance.

Still from the film Noble's Nest, 1969

In her third year of study, Irina and her friends went to Mosfilm to take part in the crowd scene. The girl mixed up the pavilions, made the wrong door and accidentally got to audition for the role of Liza Kalitina in Konchalovsky's film "The Noble Nest". The director was struck by that rare type of "elusive beauty", which was very difficult to find even among famous actresses. So Kupchenko got her first leading role in a movie.

Irina Kupchenko as Liza Kalitina in the film Noble Nest, 1969

Kupchenko was grateful to Konchalovsky for the fact that he was able to see in her something that others, perhaps, did not notice. She said about their joint work: "".She never talked about the fact that in fact their mutual passion for each other then went beyond the scope of professional relations, and a romance broke out between them on the set, bright and fleeting.

Andrey Konchalovsky and Irina Kupchenko

30 years later, Konchalovsky himself admitted this in his book "Exalting Deception": "". However, their cooled feelings did not prevent further joint work - a year later Kupchenko starred in another film by Konchalovsky "Uncle Vanya", and 4 years later - in "Romance about Lovers".

Irina Kupchenko in the film Uncle Vanya, 1970

Nikolai Dvigubsky, a friend of Konchalovsky's, was the production designer for the Noble Nest film group. He, too, was conquered at first sight by a young debutante, but patiently waited for the passions between the director and the actress to subside. After that, he began to look after her and even made an offer, and when the film was released, they got married. However, Irina soon realized that this marriage was a mistake, and a year later the newlyweds divorced.

A woman from another era

Shot from the movie Star of Captivating Happiness, 1975

The image in which Andrei Konchalovsky saw the actress was so organic for her acting and human nature that other directors after him began to offer her similar roles - fragile and gentle women "from another era" who, despite their external weakness, had a strong character and ability to withstand the blows of fate.

Irina Kupchenko in the film An Ordinary Miracle, 1978

The role of Liza Kalitina in The Noble Nest left an imprint on her entire future acting destiny, which the actress herself considered to be both great luck and bad luck at the same time. She said: "".

Irina Kupchenko and Vasily Lanovoy

In 1970, the actress came to the Theater. E. Vakhtangova, where she met the person with whom she spent the rest of her life - the actor Vasily Lanovoy. They were very similar in many ways - intelligent, restrained, did not like to throw words into the wind, very closed and silent with strangers. But those who knew Irina Kupchekno closer understood how much depth was hidden in this silence. So, the director Roman Viktyuk said: "".

Irina Kupchenko

For many, it still remains a complete mystery: What Irina Kupchenko does not talk about in an interview.

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