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"Lyudk, and Lyudk!": How Yanina Lisovskaya was looking for herself and ended up in Germany
"Lyudk, and Lyudk!": How Yanina Lisovskaya was looking for herself and ended up in Germany

After the release of the comedy "Love and Doves", Yanina Lisovskaya could not believe for a long time that this beautiful girl on the poster was herself. Later, the actress thought: she was repeating the path of her screen heroine. Her first marriage did not work out, and it was only possible to fight loneliness by going headlong into work. It is not known how her life would have developed further, if in the 1990s fate had not presented Yanina Lisovskaya with another surprise.

Love and pigeons

Yanina Lisovskaya, still from the film "Look Back"

The shooting of the popularly beloved film by Vladimir Menshov was carried out in Karelia, and this fact seemed to Yanina Lisovskaya as a kind of gift of fate. The father of the actress Konstantin Pavlovich, the soloist of the Philharmonic, and her mother, the translator Lyudmila Nikolaevna, loved active rest. And once, while on vacation, I went to Karelia with my daughter. Ioannina was only 14, and she was so fascinated by the beauty of these places that she promised herself to return here without fail.

Yanina Lisovskaya, still from the film "Love and Doves"

And now, after 7 years, she again ended up in Karelia. During this time, she managed to graduate from the Moscow Art Theater School, play several roles in films and get the role of Luda in the film "Love and Doves". The actors were so carried away by the process that many jokes were born right in front of the cameras, and the whole group seemed to be a single organism. Yanina delighted everyone with the delicacies that she cooked with her own hand on a tiny electric stove in her hotel room. Even the capricious Lyudmila Gurchenko praised her quails in lingonberry sauce.

Igor Lyakh

Igor Lyakh, who played Lyonka in the film, became a friend and assistant for Yanina, and then also introduced the actress to her first husband Igor Volkov.

Unhappy family

Yanina Lisovskaya, photo on the cover of the Soviet Screen magazine

An intelligent, well-read young man seemed to Yanina the embodiment of a girl's dream. They spent a lot of time together, it seemed that their interests and outlook on life completely coincide. That is why the creation of a family then seemed like a completely natural continuation of their relationship. After all, they both were sure: this is love.

However, only two years passed and their marriage broke up. Yanina Lisovskaya even today does not like to remember her first experience of family life. Probably, the difference between her ideas and real life turned out to be too big. The actress never talks about the reasons for her separation from Igor Volkov, and he himself does not answer questions about his personal life at all.

Igor Volkov

According to Yanina, after the divorce, she never saw her first husband and does not know anything about how he lived further. But then, after parting, it really began to seem to her: her lot, like Lyudmila from the comedy "Love and Doves", is loneliness. True, the actress herself did not expect any letters from her husband at all.

Happy touring

Yanina Lisovskaya, still from the film "Beyond the Vetluga River"

Then came the difficult 1990s, almost no films were filmed, but, fortunately, the actress was quite in demand in the theater. And once, during a foreign tour, fate gave her a chance to find her true happiness. True, Yanina Lisovskaya considered her narrowed one by no means on the first attempt.

On the tour of the Moscow Art Theater in Göttingen, Wolf List invited Soviet artists to get to know their German colleagues better, and even began to organize joint parties. Then everyone got to know each other, began to communicate quite closely. A year later, they met again in Germany, a little later, Wolf List came to Moscow for a theater festival.

Yanina Lisovskaya as Sonya in the play "Uncle Vanya" based on the play by A.P. Chekhov

They had a lot in common, however, even then Yanina did not even think about any relations, except for friendly ones. And she was even frightened when she saw that the German actor was showing a male interest in her. She avoided meeting exactly until the moment when she found a letter from Wolf in her mailbox. Desperate to see the girl and even get through to her, the young man wrote her a letter in Russian, although they used to communicate only in English. Ioannina agreed to the meeting, determined to continue communicating exclusively in a friendly manner. What she said to her fan.

Yanina Lisovskaya

Wolf Liszt flew to Moscow six weeks later and completely discouraged Yanina by speaking to her in Russian during a telephone conversation. In order to communicate normally with his beloved girl, he quickly learned Russian. In 1993, two years after the first meeting, the actress introduced Wolf to her parents.

An offer you can't refuse

Yanina Lisovskaya

In the fall, a political crisis and a coup took place in Moscow, with shooting and death of people. Lyudmila lived with her parents near the White House and saw perfectly what was happening around. They even moved around the apartment, crouching down, fearing a stray bullet that could fly into the window.

Wolf Liszt began to call the girl every half hour, reassuring Janina and her family. Then she realized: this person can be trusted. And then he flew to Moscow, despite all the dangers of that period. At the same time, the German actor made another marriage proposal to Janina, which she could no longer refuse.

Yanina Lisovskaya

And after she had a difficult conversation with Oleg Efremov. The family did not assume life in two countries, and the head of the theater was very jealous of his actors. To Yanina's surprise, she and Efremov talked for six hours, and at the end he said: if she decides to return, he will take her back, no matter how long after the dismissal.

Find yourself

Yanina Lisovskaya and Wolf List

Yanina Lisovskaya was really happy. Her husband was actually very reliable, patient and understanding. Ioannina was not going to sit idle. To begin with, in order to fully learn German, she entered the Goethe Institute. Then she began to earn money by going to feed the children in kindergarten. There she became friends with the manager, and they began to write and stage small plays for the children. And after a few months she was invited to the children's theater to stage her own plays.

Yanina Lisovskaya with her husband and daughter

Very little time passed, and she again began to go on stage herself, already in adult productions, starred in German films, where she most often played foreign women.

Yanina Lisovskaya

In 1997, the daughter of Vasilisa was born to Wolf List and Yanina Lisovskaya. The birth was very difficult, several times the actress managed to say goodbye to life, but in the end everything worked out. Today Yanina Lisovskaya is a happy wife and mother, a sought-after director and actress. She loves to come to Moscow, but now her home is there, in Germany, where her family lives. The country where the actress found not only her personal happiness, but was also able to fully return to the profession.

In 1984 came out on screens film directed by Vladimir Menshov "Love and Doves", and literally at once this lyrical comedy won the hearts of the audience. And thanks to the eternal theme that was raised in this film, the great acting and sparkling humor, the army of fans of this picture is growing from year to year, and the phrases of the heroes of the film have become winged.

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