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Oleg Yankovsky and Lyudmila Zorina: love cannot be denigrated
Oleg Yankovsky and Lyudmila Zorina: love cannot be denigrated
Oleg Yankovsky and Lyudmila Zorina

"Legends circulated about his numerous novels and relationships. And he lived his whole life with a single woman. Oleg Yankovsky and Lyudmila Zorina were happy in their love and in their deep wisdom in life. Lyudmila still diligently protects the bright memory of her husband, she resolutely rejects any assumptions about his love affairs on the side.

The Yankovskys get married once and for life

Oleg Yankovsky

First love overtook Oleg Yankovsky at the Saratov theater school. But their fate was ordered not by the theater, but by the circus. Lyudmila studied for a course older than Oleg. They, students of the theater, were invited to lead a festive concert in the circus. They placed the presenters in the same dressing room, deciding that they were a married couple. It was with this very common dressing room that their romance began.

Lyudmila Zorina

Then they ended up in the same group on a trip to Moscow. There, in a noisy, unusually beautiful capital, they sat on a bench, ate delicious ice cream and dreamed. About fame, about a career, about a future life. At that moment, Oleg and Lyuda could not even imagine that soon they would have everything they could dream of: fame, career and future happy family life.

Then he will bring his fiancée to meet the family. After all, it was the family that has always been the highest value for Yankovsky. His dad was repressed, and his mother raised her three sons all her life, constantly repeating that the Yankovskys marry only once. If you have already decided to get married, you should know that you will no longer have a second chance, marriage is not a draft, it cannot be rewritten.

Oleg Yankovsky and Lyudmila Zorina staged

Oleg and Lyudmila signed when he was in his second year, and she was in her third. They lived really merrily and brightly. It is clear that the students did not have enough money, but how can money be appreciated for the joy of communication, the indescribable spirit of mutual assistance.

Zorina's husband

Lyudmila Zorina

After graduating from college, Lyudmila Zorina was immediately invited to the Saratov theater. The young talented actress very quickly began to play the first violin in the troupe. The performances with her participation were sold out. When Yankovsky came to the theater, he got only episodic roles. And he was famous not at all as an actor, but as Zorina's husband.

This put pressure on Oleg, but forced him to work with tripled strength. He knew for sure that hard work and diligence would help him reach certain heights. And luck simply had no right not to smile at the actor.

Yankovsky's wife

Oleg Yankovsky in the film

When Oleg starred in the film "Shield and Sword", then brilliantly played in the film "Two Comrades Served", fame simply fell on him. The fame was followed by an offer to move to Moscow. In Saratov, Yankovsky was simply Zorina's husband, but now they started talking about Lyudmila as "the wife of Yankovsky himself."

Oleg Yankovsky with his wife and son

Then he will have many brilliant works in the cinema and in the theater, and Lyudmila will decide to do everything in order to provide the rear to her brilliant spouse. She will become more than a wife to him. She will become his muse, the strictest critic, the keeper of his home.

Oleg Yankovsky and Lyudmila Zorina

Oleg Yankovsky lived out his roles, he did not play in films and on stage, he lived. He himself admits that while living the love of his hero, he lived it out in life. This was the only way to reflect the whole range of feelings and emotions in the frame. But always, at any time, the family remained the highest value for him. The actor fell in love with those whom his characters loved. But he always loved one and only woman - his wife.

Oleg Yankovsky and Lyudmila Zorina

Lyudmila was distinguished by a special female wisdom and clearly distinguished between cinema and life.In the cinema, he could burn, play, live with another. But in life he was always by her side.

Such values ​​are not scattered about …

Oleg Yankovsky, Lyudmila Zorina, Philip Yankovsky, Oksana Fandera

Oleg Yankovsky was always grateful to his wife for her wisdom and patience. He admitted that Lyudmila did everything for their family. It was far from always easy and simple with him. There were creative throwings and searches, there were periods of discord, but he never had the idea of ​​leaving his family, wife, son, grandchildren.

Oleg Yankovsky with his family

The actor has repeatedly emphasized that values ​​such as family cannot be scattered about. He always had a sense of responsibility. Probably, there were bursts of passion, incredible love in his life. But he always knew how to correctly prioritize. Oleg Yankovsky never forgot that his faithful, devoted, caring Lyudmila helped him to take place as an actor. She always in an unthinkable way was there, if he needed her advice, her support, just her quiet presence there.

He was madly in love with his son, then he became proud of him. When Oleg and Lyudmila learned that his girlfriend was expecting a baby, they insisted that Philip marry her. For the highest value of the Yankovsky family has always been the family.

Live with dignity

Oleg Yankovsky with his grandchildren

In an interview in 2000, Oleg Yankovsky himself predicted his fate. In a conversation, he said that if a person is told that he has cancer, then you just need to live normally for the months allotted by fate. When he himself was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he tried to live with dignity. He did not want to be remembered by the sick and infirm. He wanted to be remembered as that sparkling, bright Munchausen or the infinitely romantic wizard in love from "An Ordinary Miracle" or someone else from his heroes. But not sick, helpless, extinct. Lyudmila Zorina flew with her husband to Germany for treatment. The course of therapy did not bring much results, Oleg Yankovsky returned to Moscow and continued to appear on stage.

Loved her alone …

He passed away on May 20, 2009. The greatest artist is gone. Lyudmila was with her husband all the time. At the same time, with the dignity of a queen, she refused any interviews. When journalists were especially intrusive, she asked them to explain why she should tell something about her personal life. And she left, proudly raising her head.

For her, he is the best …

And after his death, she considers it her duty to protect his blessed memory from rumors, gossip and speculation. She achieved the removal from the air of the program, which could discredit the memory of Oleg Ivanovich. She doesn't believe a single word about his infidelity. For her, he forever remained not only a brilliant actor, but the best husband, a real man. Her eternal love and memory.

Oleg Yankovsky knew for sure that the most valuable thing in life is family. Also, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are sure that love knows no barriers.

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