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How David Bowie got multi-colored eyes and why it happened
How David Bowie got multi-colored eyes and why it happened

In the Russian-speaking space, David Bowie's fame was not as great as in Europe and America. Someone may recall the film "Labyrinth", someone may recall individual songs, but most still recognize the famous musician and actor by his "trick" - multi-colored eyes. How Bowie got this distinctive feature is in our article.

David Bowie

David Bowie is a pseudonym, the real name of the musician David Robert Jones, and he was born in 1947 with absolutely ordinary blue eyes. There is also a photograph of 14-year-old David, which shows that both of his eyes have a completely normal appearance. And only in 1942, when David was 15 years old, everything changed.

14-year-old David Robert Jones

According to George Underwood, it all happened because of the girl. “It was all about the girl we both liked,” says George. - She came to me on my birthday, by eight, everyone was drunk, and David too. I was very hesitant, but I asked her out on a date anyway. And David called me later that day and said that she didn’t want to date me because she would go on a date with him.”

Early in his career, Bowie used alien imagery to shock the public

George was upset, but still went to the agreed place - to the local club. And I saw that the girl had been standing there for a long time, all alone and waiting for George. “I was so angry with him! And the next morning he told everyone on the school bus how he went on a date with her yesterday! " - says George. "So I hit him at recess."

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David Bowie (1947 - 2016) During his career, Bowie has released 27 albums, 128 singles, 4 soundtracks and appeared in 72 videos

Of course, George could not have known that simply by throwing a pencil at David, he would manage to get exactly in his eye, so much so that he would need medical attention. It was pure coincidence. As a result of this incident, the muscle responsible for constricting and dilating the pupil was damaged, so that one of David's eyes was forever left with a dilated pupil. The eye was still blue, but the huge black pupil made it look brown to many.

Bowie's different image

“Later, David said that I then did him a favor. In the end, it was his different eyes that became his hallmark,”says George.

Indeed, instead of grieving about his "imperfection" or even about vision problems (Bowie's left eye was extremely sensitive to light and in the end could only perceive vague images of objects), David decided to use this difference to the fullest. "In a world preoccupied with making everything look perfect, Bowie's entire image, with all his thinness and different eyes, was a real challenge and therefore attracted everyone's attention."

The history of Bowie's main chip

Despite the incident, David and George continued to communicate. By that time, they had already been friends for about six years. “We met at the age of 9, then studied together at a technical school. Basically, we talked about music. When they got a little older, they wandered around, talking to girls and trying to impress people. Then David was just learning how to do it."

David Bowie and George Underwood

Later, David and George played together in musical groups several times. “Then I left the music sphere, I wanted to paint. And David's fame reached the stratosphere. People often ask if I knew he would become such a star? Yes, of course I didn’t know - no one knew.”

Bowie and Underwood

Life On Mars? 1973 year

Space Oddity. 1972 year

The Stars (Are Out Tonight) 2013

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